Boatyard 10 – Ida Livard Cup – 9th December 2018

Dave Edgerton Back to 1st place this week with 15lb  – is that a “scottish grip” he has on those envelopes?

The forecast early rain held off but the wind did strengthen through the day to give some testing conditions on most pegs this week. Despite the forecast wind, 21 anglers line up for the draw to find out where they weregoing to be for the next 5 or so hours. Dave Edgerton continued his run of form with a 15lb winning weight from peg 2 at the top of the Crane Basin.  Chris Tims drew the 3rd jetty in the Big Basin and had 14lb 3oz for 2nd place and Mike Dossena had 13lb 12oz from peg 22 on the left hand end of the Gate Basin (he also was complaing of losing 2 good fish in the last 15 minutes but I’ve told you before Mike you shouldn’t swing them!!!!). So the frame was split one from each basin with double figure backing weights in all basins as well – the big basin is still probably the most consistent, but everyone caught over 5 lb this week which, compared to last year, is a great improvement. Mr Edgerton has won  some nice silverware to polish next year – you know how he loves that. I will attempt to get the CORRECT results sheet on this post!! Next week is the Pairs …….See you there………. 

This weeks section winners

Pegs 1   –  4               Dave Edgerton

Pegs 5  –   10             Dave Agass

Pegs 11 –  18             Mark Harmer

Pegs 20 –  23             Mike Dossena

Pegs 23 –  27             Chris Tims

pegging map 9-12-18
results sheet 9-12-18

Boat Yard 14 – Sunday 14 January 2018

Where have all the fishes gone?

Chris Tims this weeks winner with just 2lb 3oz

So, let me set the scene: the cold grey dawn slowly lightened over the boatyard, revealing –  a great big area of open water and pegs 1-15 all up the right side of the Gate Basin plus 16 and 17 on the end  and then 18, 19 and 20 all up in the “goose green” area.  Unfortunately the other 2 basins were being worked on and were also full of boats (strange for boatyard) which cut down the options on pegging this week. But, with otherwise pretty much ideal conditions, over cast, no frost and hardly any wind, everyone thought it should be ok for a few fish – just how few we had no idea! It soon became apparent that it was going to be a hard day! Very hard!! Chris Tims drew peg 17 on the left hand end of the Gate and caught tiny fish on and off most of the match to end up with 60 fish for 2lb 3oz and 1st place this week. He was followed by Trevor Dodson ( you just can’t stop him catching) on peg 9 in the middle of the open water who had 1lb 8oz 8drms for 2nd and then Mark Charlwood who was on 18 in the boats just before goose green who worked hard at 16m to catch 1lb 6oz for 3rd. There were several dry nets and only 4 out of 20 anglers broke the 1lb, but the real question is WHY? Where have the fish gone. John Hehir said he had fished on the Wednesday last week and most of the boats had gone then but he still caught 5lb + of small fish on the whip so what had changed by Sunday – who knows. We will just have to hope that next week we can fish the other basins again and everything improves.  Surely it can’t get much worse …….. see you there…

This weeks section winners

Pegs  1  – 5             Dave Agass

Pegs 6  – 10            Trevor Dodson

Pegs  11 – 14         Dennis Willis

Pegs  15 – 17         Chris Tims

Pegs 18 – 20          Mark Charlwood