Sunday 9th May 2021 – Melton

Melton pond 4 was this weeks venue.

Mark Charlwood wins at Melton with 69lb 3oz

Only 13 members made the trip this week. With a change in the weather and feeling more like summer everyone was hoping for a few more bites than of late.

Mark Charlwood was drawn peg 3 and ran out the winner this week. Mark caught through out the day for a total weight of 69lb 3oz well done.

2nd place goes to Mark Harmer. Mark was fishing peg 16 and caught well through the day and weighed 57lb 1oz well done.

3rd place was Adie Hall. Adie was fishing peg 12(the flyer)and weighed 41lb 1oz well done.

Most others found it hard going with a few dry nets this week. Let’s hope the warmer weather continues and we can all start catches more.

Next week it’s the long drive to railway lake.

There is 5 spaces available next week if anyone fancy it.

Book in the usual way.

See you all there.

1st Mark Charlwood 69lb 3oz

2nd Mark Harmer 57lb 1oz

3rd Adie Hall 41lb 1oz

4th Dave Dearman 19lb 4oz

5th Ian Jones 18lb 15oz

6th Alex Watson 18lb 14oz

7th Mike Dossena 16lb 10oz

8th Trevor Dodson 11lb 14oz

9th Jon Burton 6lb 11oz

And 4 D’N’W’s this week