Sunday 5th July 2020 – Old Stables

Mark Charlwood wins at Old Stables with 44lb 7oz

The Old Stables was the venue this week. 14 members turned up meaning it was a full house. Partly cloudy and sunny with gusty strong winds welcomed us this week

Fishing peg 10 was Mark Charlwood and he made no mistake by winning by a big margin. Mark caught fish steadily all day fishing shallow towards the lilies. And he ended up weighing 44lb 7oz for 1st place.

Mark Harmer was fishing peg 1 and caught lots of small carp and had some better size fish later in the match which was enough for 2nd with the weight of 29lb 3oz

Mike Dossena was fishing from peg 12 and after having lost several fish in the big lily bed in the first half of the match managed to catch a few down his edge and came third with the wright of 27lb 10oz. Well done to them three on a hard day!

1st Mark Charlwood 44lb 7oz

2nd Mark Harmer 29lb 3oz

3rd Mike Dossena 27lb 10oz

4th Trevor Dodson 23lb 2oz

5th Dave Paynter 21lb 7oz

6th Chris Tims 17lb 8oz

7th Jon Burton 13lb 9oz

8th Dave Agass 13lb 8oz

9th Dave Gipson 10lb 7oz

10th Dave Edgerton 4lb 11oz

11th Dave Dearman 4lb 6oz

12th Terry Smith 4lb 4oz

And two D’N’Ws

Next week we should be at Shallowbrook but this now might be cancelled. Dave will inform everybody via the website or a phone call.

See you all next week wherever that might be. Stay safe !