Sunday 30th August 2020 – Bartles Lodge

Bartles Lodge was this week’s venue.

Mark Harmer wins at Bartles Lodge with 22lb 13oz!

13 turn out this week which is 1 short of a full house. With all the rain going in over the last few days the talk on the day was that it would fish pretty hard and that’s just what happened.

This once very prolific fishery is just not what it was.

This weeks winner was Mark Harmer.

Mark was drawn peg 4 which was once the best peg but his winning weight of just 22lb 13oz just proved that it’s not right anymore.

2nd place goes to Alex Watson.

Alex was fishing peg 13 and caught some fish at the start and then nothing. Alex weighed 14lb 6oz.

Mark Charlwood managed to sneak a few fish on the feeder for 3rd place with 13lb 8oz well done to them three.

Everybody else around the lake were really struggling for bites and some didn’t even get that.

1st Mark Harmer 22lb 13oz

2nd Alex Watson 14lb 6oz

Mark Charlwood 13lb 8oz

4th Mike Dossena 11lb 8oz

5th Tony Wilkinson 6lb 5oz

6th Dave Paytner 6lb

7th Dave Edgerton 5lb 5oz

8th Dave Dearman 4lb 11oz

9th Terry Smith 3lb 8oz

10th John Higgingson 1lb 4oz

11th Trevor Dodson 0lb 8oz

And 2 D’N’W’s this week

Next week we travel to railway lake

See you all there

Stay safe.