Sunday 2nd April 2017 Glen Farm, Metton

Round 3 this week took us to Glen Farm Metton. Another good turn out this week with 14 members lining up at the draw bag. With everyone ready and the bacon roll ordered it was time to see who would be the lucky one this week. Mike Dossena drew peg 6 and caught midway through the match to finish first with a weight of 20lb dead. 2nd place was Mark Harmer who drew peg 8 which is a good peg but I fluffed my lines with 4 lost carp early in the match so only weighed 12lb 12oz. Mr Mark Seaman came in 3rd with 9lb 9oz. It was a real struggle for everybody else.

1st Mike Dossena 20lb

2nd Mark Harmer 12lb 12oz

3rd Mark Seaman 9lb 9oz

4th Mark Charlwood 8lb 5oz

5th Dave Gipson 8lb

6th Trevor Dodson 6lb 4oz

7th Dave Agass 2lb 10oz

8th Dave Edgerton 1lb 12oz

9th Roger Farmer 0lb 14oz

The other 5 members didn’t weigh.

Next week we travel to Cobbleacre so it’s going to be another hard week but you never know. See you all there.