Sunday 26th March 2017 Melton Ponds

Today was round 2 of the summer matches. The venue this week was Melton pond 4. 14 members turned out this week. It would be won and lost in the draw bag at this venue, get the right peg and you have a good day, get a bad one and it’s a long day. Alex Watson had the lucky hand this week. Alex fished the car park side up the top end and weighed 50lb dead (10 fish). 2nd place and carrying his winter form to the summer was Trevor Dodson. Trevor weighed 23lb 10oz(6 fish).Trevor fished peg 10. 3rd place was the returning Mark Harmer who fished peg 3 and weighed 20lb 8oz.(3 fish). Every one else caught fish but didn’t weigh. It was also very nice to see del sparks making a return.
1st A. Watson 50lb
2nd T. Dodson 23lb 10oz
3rd M. Harmer 20lb 8oz
4th M. Charlwood 19lb 10oz
5th M. Seaman 18lb 12oz
6th T. Smith 17lb 4oz
7th D.Agass 12lb 12oz
8th D.Edgerton 8lb 9oz
9th D.Payter 4lb
Five others caught fish but did not weigh.
Next week it could be even harder than this week as we are back at Metton at Glen Farm. See you all there.