Sunday 26th July 2020 – Colton

Dave Agass with a few of the lumps he caught for 60lb 4oz and the win this week at Colton

Colton lake was the venue this week.

14 members turn out this week all hoping that they would bag up.

This weeks winner was Dave Agass. Dave was fishing peg 5 and had 8 carp for a total weight of 60lb 4oz which included I fish weighing 16lb 8oz – still got it Dave. Well done.

Mark Seaman was this weeks runner up. Mark was fishing from peg 36 and ended up weighing 31lb 12oz well done Mark.

Third place this week was Mark Harmer. Mark was fishing peg 8 and weighed 30lb 2oz well done.

It’s fished very hard today with 4 D’N’W’s

1st Dave Agass 60lb 4oz

2nd Mark Seaman 31lb 12oz

3rd Mark Harmer 30lb 2oz

4th Mark Charlwood 28lb 8oz

5th Dave Gipson 28lb 6oz

6th Chris Tims 26lb 8oz

7th Martin Littlefield 11lb 10oz

8th Terry Smith 8lb 14oz

9th Alex Watson 8lb 8oz

10th Dave Dearman 0lb 6oz

And 4 D’N’W’s

Let’s hope next week is much better and everyone can weigh in.

It’s the very prolific Reepham Fishery next.

See you all there please contacted Dave for a chance to fish.

Stay safe

P.S. Mr Harmer was heard to ask where the summer points table was on the website? It is now on the site and up to date to 21st July 2020 have a look Summer Points 2020 – can’ t think why Mark was so interested!!!!!