Sunday 18th July 2021 Melton Pond 4

Mr Harmer makes it 2 wins on the spin at melton Pond 4 this week

Melton pond 4 was the venue this week. 12 members turn out this week.

The pond is normally quite hard but for some reason this year it’s been extra tough.

With a roasting hot in store nobody was expecting it to be that great.

1st Mark Harmer 44lb 9oz

2nd Mark Charlwood 17lb 15oz

3rd John Higgingson 15lb 5oz

4th Trevor Dodson 13lb 8oz

5th Alex Watson 11lb 2oz

6th Martin Littlefield 3lb 10oz

7th Jon Burton 0lb 12oz

And 5 D’N’W’s This week.

Next week it’s of to Colton

There is plenty of spaces if anyone fancy it.