All about Stalham Angling Club

Stalham Angling Club is a coarse fishing club with control of the fishing rights on Stalham boatyards (Richardsons) they have approximately 55 members and a very well supported and competitive match angling section with matches every Sunday throughout the year see our match calendar for details

A Bit of historical Background from the Club President / Oldest Member:

I joined the Stalham and District A.C in March 1971, we had our meetings in the Stalham School room. A member of the club was a chap called “ Lou"  and he was the caretaker of the school.

The club was normally called Sutton Club, I don’t how old it was, it changed to “Stalham & District Angling Club" in 1969. There are still  members in the club from those years, Kevin Patterson and Paul (billy) Austin.

We used to go to Denmark on fishing trips that I organised.  Members like Les Gotterson, Kenny Patterson, Lou & Ron Freeman. Some have now passed on. But I kept the club going until the year 2000. I still help out, but at 85 it’s getting hard.

I was secretary for over 22 years, rather hard work to keep the club going. I am now President of the club.
I have seen a big change in the way the club has gone; we had nearly all boat matches in the summer months, and river matches in winter.
That is when fish were in abundance in the river.

The club had moved home to the Swan P.H,then the Kingfisher Hotel, back to the Swan P.H. The current home is the Harnser P.H at Sutton, back to where it all started .
I don’t know much about the Sutton A.C but it was going for about 12 years before changing to Stalham & District A.C    
There are trophies still being fished for today that go back further:the Sutton Cup being the oldest. The Sutton Cup was first won in 1949    

Members of the early Stalham A.C were: Roy Clare – Terry Smith – Arthur Taylor – G. Roll – Maurice Gilding – T. Gotts – Chris Pegg. We have had up to 104 members in the past but present day membership is pegged at around 60.