Shallowbrook – Sunday 14th July 2019

Mark Harmer wins at Shallowbrook
with 58lb 4oz

Shallowbrook lakes was the venue for this week’s match
14 members turned up this week just to see if they can be victorious.
The weather was overcast with the odd glimpse of sunshine and everyone was hoping for the good day’s fishing.
We were all fishing on the far side of the Meadow lake because of the bivvy boys.
This was the first trip to this venue for some of us so there was a lot of talk at the start about what was what and how to fish.
Mark Harmer drew peg 14 which was lucky for him being the end peg. Mark caught some small skimmers on the feeder to start but decided to fish down his edge and he found to his surprise there were some carp waiting there already. Mark run out the winner weighing 58lb 4oz.
Second place goes to Mark Seaman who was fishing peg 10 and caught carp on the pellet waggler and weighed 35lb 10oz.
Dave Agass was making a successful return this week from his operation and came third fishing the feeder and weighed 26lb 8oz. Well done to them three!
Overall it fished quite hard.
1st Mark Harmer 58lb 4oz
2nd Mark Seaman 35lb 10oz
3rd Dave Agass 26lb 8oz
4th John Higgingson 19lb 6oz
5th Mark Charlwood 19lb 3oz
6th Dennis Willis 13lb 8oz
7th Mike Dossena 13lb
8th Chris Tims 12lb 8oz
9th Ash Dennington 11lb 12oz
10th Trevor Dodson 8lb 8oz
11th Dave Dearman 7lb 12oz
12th Terry Smith 2lb 10oz
And two D’N’Ws
Next week it’s off to Melton Pond.( my favourite 😉)
Please, don’t forget to contact Dave to see if there are any spaces available.
And see you all there!