Reepham – Sunday 4th August 2019

Mark Harmer wins with 188lb 13oz off peg 27 – AGAIN!!!

The venue this week – Reepham Fishery.
20 members turned up once again this week all hoping it would be their lucky day. The weather was overcast but really warm and good for fishing. The weights on the Tuesday open were phenomenal and everybody was hoping for more of the same. However, it didn’t go quite so well for some but everybody caught some fish. This week’s winner was Mark Harmer who had done some practice on the Tuesday open. Mark somehow managed to pull peg 27 out of the bag again and made no mistake weighing a very impressive 188lb 13oz. Well done!
Second place this week was last week’s winner Mark Charlwood. He was fishing peg 2 and weighed another good weight of 135lb 3oz. Well done, Mark!
Mike Dossena was on peg 4 and also weighed a very good weight of 111lb 4oz. There were some good back up weights also but some still had to work hard for some bites.
1st Mark Harmer 188lb 13oz
2nd Mark Charlwood 135lb 3oz
3rd Mike Dossena 111lb 3oz
4th Alex Watson 103lb 12oz
5th Mark Seaman 94lb 11oz
6th Chris Tims 80lb 13oz
7th Trevor Dodson 77lb 7oz
8th Dennis Willis 70lb 3oz
9th Dave Agass 55lb 11oz
10th Jon Burton 43lb 8oz
11th Dave Edgerton 38lb 9oz
12th Ash Dennington 38lb
13th Adie Hall 28lb 6oz
14th Tony Wilkinson 26lb 15oz
15th Dave Paynter 24lb 6oz
16th Dave Dearman 21lb 15oz
17th Dave Gipson 15lb 10oz
18th Terry Smith 14lb
19th John Higgingson 10lb 15oz
And there was one D’N’W this week.
Next week it’s back to Cobbleacre 😩😩.
See you all there.
Please, don hesitate to contact Dave to check if there are any spaces available.