Reepham – Sunday 22nd September 2019

Mr Harmer – another win at Reepham – can he continue his form at Martham?

17 members made the trip for the final visit Reepham Fishery this summer.

The weather was nice and warm and perfect for a lovely day fishing.

The open match on Saturday had some very good weights so everyone was expecting more of the same.

With the draw done everybody was eager to start. Mark Harmer had drawn peg 25 and made no mistake winning this week with the total weight of 121lb 4oz.

Well done, Mark!

Dave Agass was fishing peg 18 and caught some nice carp for a weight of 120lb which was good enough for second.

Well done , Dave!

Third place goes to Mark Seaman who was fishing peg 6 and weighed 98lb 2oz. Good job,Mark!

1st Mark Harmer 121lb 4oz

2nd Dave Agass 120lb

3rd Mark Seaman 98lb 2oz

4th Alex Watson 61lb 2oz

5th Jon Burton 51lb 6oz

6th Dennis Willis 43lb 9oz

7th Dave Edgerton 41lb 1oz

8th Chris Tims 36lb 9oz

9th Dave Dearman 32lb 11oz

10th Mark Charlwood 31lb 1oz

11th Dave Paynter 29lb 12oz

12th Trevor Dodson 21lb 10oz

13th John Higgingson 20lb 12oz

14th Martin Littlefield 8lb 4oz

And there were three D’N’Ws this week

So the summer series will be decided on the final match of the summer which is going to be at Martham Pit B

See you all there!

Please, don’t hesitate to contact Dave to see if there are any spaces.