Railway – Sunday 28th July 2019

Mr Charlwood 1st place this week and look – picks up paper money not shrapnel!! No wonder he’s smiling

The venue this week was Railway Lake on The Barford complex
14 members made the long trip this week. The weather was a little bit wet but still ok for fishing as it was only light rain. With the extremely hot weather during the week and the sudden change for the weekend people were expecting fishing to be rather hard. And it was definitely hard this week.
Mark Charlwood made the most from his end peg to take the first place. He fished peg 28 and caught across for the total weight of 41lb. Well done!
Second place goes to the inform Dave Agass who was fishing peg 4 and weighed 37lb so that’s three frames on the trot. Well done!
Third place goes to Mark Seaman. He was fishing peg 26 and weighed 28lb 8oz. Everybody else struggled for bites and some had to wait until 2 o’clock for a bite. And some didn’t even get that. Roll on next week.
1st Mark Charlwood 41lb
2nd Dave Agass 37lb
3rd Mark Seaman 29lb 9oz
4th Terry Smith 19lb 12oz
5th Mike Dossena 17lb
6th Alex Watson 16lb 2oz
7th Kevin Lawson 14lb 12oz
8th John Higgingson 11lb 2oz
9th Mark Harmer 7lb 10oz
10th Dave Edgerton 3lb 2oz
11th Dave Dearman 2lb 6oz
And three D’N’Ws this week
Next week it’s back to the prolific Reepham Fishery. See you all there!
Don’t forget to give Dave a call to check if there are any spaces available.