Railway Lake, Barford – Sunday 29th July 2018

Mark Seaman wins at Railway
-next time he is trying fishing with his eyes closed!

Railway lake was the venue for round 19. 12 hopefuls turned out this week. With a change in the weather to a typical English summer (ha ha). Everyone had to clean the dust from their waterproofs. Very strong blustery winds as well didn’t help the fishing today. Mark Seaman made a return to winning ways today with 90lb 6oz. You just can’t keep him out of the frame for long. 2nd this week goes to Dave Agass who weighed 79lb 12oz. Mike Dossena was third narrowly missing out on second by 3oz’s (just one more fish Mike). Mike weighed 79lb 9oz. Well done to them three. Most had a few fish but it was very tough going today.
1st Mark Seaman 90lb 6oz
2nd Dave Agass 79lb 12oz
3rd Mike Dossena 79lb 9oz
4th Mark Harmer 55lb 06oz
5th Andy Dicken 47lb 2oz
6th Alex (the bandit) Watson 32lb 14oz
7th Dave Dearnan 24lb 8oz
8th Jon Burton 23lb 4oz
9th Mark Charlwood 18lb 12oz
10th Matt Jeffreys 16lb 12oz
11th Terry Smith 15lb 8oz
There was one D.N.W this week.
Next week it’s back to Reepham Fishery.
See you all there.