Park Farm – Sunday 20th August 2017

Mark Charlwood winning bag
The camera shy Mr Charlwood in 1st place this week

Round 23 comes from Park Farm Fishery. 12 members turn out this week. This was a new watt for all except Mr Dossena who used to own the place so all the pressure was on him. Everybody had pick his brain for some information . So this week it was Mark Charlwood who came out on top. Mark fished peg 1 and caught on the feeder for most of the day and weighed 38lb. Well done Mark (and I got a photo of him this week). 2nd place goes to Ash Dennington. Ash fished peg 5 and weighed 37lb 12oz well done. 3rd place was Dave Pay Tony Wilkinson, Tony fished peg 3 and weighed 34lb 4oz which was 1oz more than Dave Agass who had 34lb 3oz unlucky Dave but at least you got a pound from me.

park farm fishery
Park Farm Fishery

1st Mark Charlwood 38lb

2nd Ash Dennington 37lb 12oz

3rd Tony Wilkinson 34lb 4oz

4th Dave Agass 34lb 3oz

5th Mark Harmer 31lb 12oz

6th Mike Dossena 28lb 12oz

7th Dave Paytner 26lb

8th Terry Smith 25lb 4oz

9th Trevor Dodson 18lb 5oz

10th Mark Seaman 16lb 8oz

11th Dave Dearman 7lb 6oz

12th Dave Edgerton 3lb 12oz

Next week it’s back to Railway

See you all there.