Boatyard 17 – Singles KO semi finals – 2nd February 2020

Trevor Dodson wins this week with 8lb 4oz

A wet grey morning awaited the 13 anglers who lined up to contest this week’s match. All 3 basins were pegged so there was an air of curiosity as to how it would fish.

It was Trevor Dodson on peg 1 up the side of the Crane basin who ran away with 1st place this week weighing in 8lb 4oz of small fish with bites from start to finish. He said he could even feel the fish when he was plumbing up!

In the big basin on peg 13 (not so unlucky) Chris Tims had 2 big skimmers before 10 o’clock but couldn’t find any more and ended up with about 50 more small (tiny) fish for 5lb 13oz for 2nd place.

Back on the end of the Crane basin Dave Dearman had 4lb 6oz including some quality roach for 3rd.

There were 5 DNW so this week but only 1 actual blank so things might be improving – slowly, nothing great, but definitely better than recently.

The Singles KO final will be between Trev Dodson and Chris Tims on the 25th Feb.

Next week it’s the Bill Davies Cup!!!………….See you there

Pegging 2-2-2020

Boatyard 16 – Sunday 26th January 2020

Roger Farmer wins this week with 6lb 4oz

14 anglers queued up for the draw on this Sunday morning There was an air of anticipation as the latest news of Roger Farmers 40lb + net of bream from the big basin the day before circulated amongst the group. The favoured pegs were eyed up on the pegging map with many knowing looks and muttered wishes for luck in the draw……..At this point I would like to say that Roger has photographic proof and witnesses of his memorable catch – unfortunately the photo didn’t come through on the email so Rog, if you are reading this, send the pic to admin@stalham and I will put it up straight away!!!!

Anyway, back to the match. Needless to say Roger drew peg 10, 1 peg to the left of where he had his mega catch, and he won the match with 3 skimmers for 6lb 4oz. (John Higginson drew where Roger fished on Saturday and weighed 4oz!!!!)

Denny Hammond was on the 3rd jetty and had 3lb 8oz for second made up of 1 or 2 large skimmers. Tony Wilkinson on peg 1 in the Crane basin had around 90 fish for 2lb 5oz and 3rd place. No one else broke the 1lb barrier and there were 5 DNWs. Mr consistent Trev Dodson thought his luck had run out this week as the blank loomed, but at 1.30pm he caught his first fish and then caught up to the all out for a get out of jail 11oz! Dave Dearman must have wondered what was going on this week as he drew the right hand end of the Gate basin for the THIRD week running, but this week for some reason, the fish were not there and he didn’t get a bite!

Funny old game this fishing!!!!!

Singles KO 4th rnd next week…………..See you there……………….

Results 26-1-20
pegging 26-1-20

Boatyard 15 – The Li Livard Cup – Sunday 19th January 2020

Ian Holmes wins with 4lb 1oz

With bright sun high pressure and a cool breeze conditions were always going to be tough, and with the way the yards are fishing, the 12 anglers who lined up for the draw must begin to doubt their own sanity!

Ian Holmes drew peg 13 on the Big Basin and snared 2 big skimmers on the feeder to go with his small fish for 4lb 1oz and a comfortable win.

2nd was Dave Dearman who drew the right hand end of the Gate basin (same as last week) and caught 90 fish to weigh 3lb. Next to Dave was Pete Sutton who had 2lb 5oz for 3rd.

All 3 anglers on the crane basin blanked and the 2 on the jetties in the big basin likewise did not get a bite. So the fishing continues to be as dire as we have ever known it at Stalham with no sign of a change! In the words of a certain Mr Harmer “roll on the Summer!”

As to the winter points Mr Dodson tightened his grip on the trophy this week with 4oz earning him yet another 16 points and extending his lead to, a surely unreachable, 65 points. Trev still has remarkably not blanked so far this winter.

Next week there will be no doubt be another episode of madness when we all turn up for 5hrs of struggling to catch…………………see you there……

Results 19-1-20
pegging 19-1-20

Boatyard 14 Sunday 12th January 2020

Dave Edgerton wins this week with 2lb 5oz

This week’s entry was down to 11 with the strong winds and lack of fish many chose not to spend their time at the yards at the moment. All the pegs were on the gate basin this week and basically you needed a boat to catch with only Pete Sutton catching in open water towards the end of the match.

The weights were still very low but there was some slight improvement in that they were made up of lots of small fish rather than one bite and one large fish (although one 3 lb bream would have been very welcome in my peg ).

Dave Edgerton won this week with 2lb 5oz and he had bites all match from his peg between 2 boats up the left of the gate basin. Ian Holmes was 2nd from the left end of the gate with 1lb 10oz and reckoned he had more bites this week than the last 5 weeks put together! Ian was also a bit unlucky as due to the low turnout only 1st place was paid out and the winner was in his section too, end result no brown envelopes!

There were 4 other catchers including the ever consistent Trev Dodson who unbelievably still hasn’t blanked this winter. He is now some 50 points clear at the top of the winter points which looks pretty safe at this stage.

Next week is the Li Livard cup…..See you there !?

PS My spies tell me that the Stalham Renegades are running matches at Old Stables till the end of the winter season contact Dave Agass for details

Results 12-1-2020
Pegging 12-1-2020

Boatyard 13 – Singles KO 3rd Rnd

Sunday 5th January 2020

Dave Deaman gets 1st place this week with 1lb 9oz

A turnout of 18 anglers was unbelievable, given the current form at the boatyards, and yet again the yards continued to be a fish desert for most, with only pockets of small fish being caught from one area in the big basin.

Dave Dearman fished peg 17 between the boats in front of the offices and caught fairly steadily once they arrived, but they were tiny and he had 59 fish for 1lb 9oz but this was easily enough to win.

Harry Barron made a return to form 2 pegs away on peg 19 at the end of the road he caught small roach on the waggler to weigh in 14oz and take 2nd place.

John Burton sat on peg 18, like a rose between 2 thorns, and managed to break his extensive run of blanks this week, catching FIVE fish for 4oz and 3rd place. Well deserved if only as reward for such dogged perseverance over the past few weeks!!!

Only 3 other anglers caught fish and there seems no clue as to why the fish have deserted the boatyard this year.

See the singles KO results here

Next weeks match will be running as normal if you can stand 5 hrs for “A bite”(or no bites at all!) come along………………………..see you there?

Results 5-1-20
pegging 5-1-20

Stop Press

If you just can’t stand the thought of yet another blank – there is an alternative…….(no not the ultimate solution….) you could go to Martham Pits, where I believe there will be a match organised if there is enough interest. Contact Dave A on his usual numbers by Friday.

Xmas Sweep 2 – Boatyard

29th December 2019

Ian Holmes with his “Winning” skimmer weighing 1lb 9oz

This match was again surprisingly well attended considering the recent form of the boatyards – hard is an understatement!

Ian Holmes, on peg 20, caught a 1lb 9oz skimmer on his 3rd cast with the feeder and thought he was on for a good day but NO, this solitary skimmer was enough to win the match as everyone else was scratching for a bite.

Chris Tims was on peg 18 and fished pinkie, managed 17 fish for a grand total of 7oz for second place. He was closely followed by Trev Dodson who had 2 roach from peg 7 at the top of the Gate basin for 4oz and third place. Trevor had to recover one of his fish from between the boards after dropping it through a gap much to the amusement of a certain Mr Burton!

Dave Edge didn’t register a bite but was happy to win the draw for his section and pocket a welcome £20 as some compensation for gruelling day.

Next sweep is back at Toad Hall on 31st December 2019 – See you there……

results boatyard sweep2 29-12-19
Pegging Map sweep 29-12-19

Xmas Sweep 1 – Toad Hall Fishery

27th December 2019

The Unstoppable Mr Seaman wins Sweep 1 at Toad Hall Fishery

This match was very well attended with a field of 22 turning up for the draw. Mark Seaman (who else!) drew peg 20 and had a runaway start with five fish coming one after the other to feeder across and he consolidated his advantage catching runs of fish throughout the match and coming out a clear winner with 41lb dead.

Leading the chasing pack was Lewis Dicken who put 31lb 11oz on the scales for 2nd place and just behind him was Steve Rouse who took 3rd with 30lb 15oz.

There were some good backing weights and most people had a few fish – which was a welcome change after the boatyards over recent weeks, Jon Burton hasn’t got over the shock yet after winning his section!!

Return to the boatyards for the next sweep on Sunday 29-12-19 and back to reality and no fish………………………see you there

results sheet for Toad Hall Sweep 1 27-12-19

Boatyard 12- Sunday 22nd December 2019

Dave Dearman wins with 3 bream for 5lb 3oz

A damp and dreary dawn greeted the 19 entrants for this weeks match at the yards. There was a very high tide again and with all the recent heavy rain, the water was very high, covering the boards at the end of the Gate Basin, which didn’t bode well for the fishing – again!

It was a very hard match once more this weekend with bites at a premium. Dave Dearman on peg 27, the 3rd jetty in the big basin, had 3 bream for 5lb 3oz and 1st place this week.

He was followed by Mark Harmer at the top of the Gate Basin had roach for a while before snaring a 2.5lb bream which gave him 4lb 3oz and 2nd place even though he had no more bites after the bream!

Terry Smith had 2lb 3oz on the of roach on the waggler on peg 4 to secure 3rd place.

After this there were only 2 more anglers breaking the pound and 9 DNW’S (including some who are becoming regular members of this group! I mention no names…………..)

Things can only get better – can’t they!??

Don’t forget the matches over the Christmas Hols:




Happy New Year to all – next club match is Sunday 5th January 2020 which is the 3rd round of The Singles Knockout……….. See you there…..

Results 22-12-19
pegging 22-12-19

Boatyard 11 – Christmas Match 15th December 2019

Dave Shearing this weeks winner with 9lb 6oz

The Yards all looked very similar to the way we had left them last week. same gaps, same sun, SAME WIND!! and yet again the fish, particularly the roach, did a disappearing act.

New member Dave Shearing made the trip from Diss to fish this match and after he drew peg 12 at the top of the Crane Basin facing the wind and sat biteless for the first hour, he was probably doubting his sanity. But, things picked up with a skimmer on the whip line, and then a run of 4 more good skimmers on the feeder in about 30 mins until disater struck and he lost one and they all just melted away.

However, 5 fish for 9lb 6oz was easily enough to win the match, more than doubling Mark Harmer’s 2nd place catch of 3 skimmers from the Big Basin for 4lb 8oz. Chris Tims caught 1 skimmer early and then proceeded to bump one which was the end of his bites for the day. But 1 fish for 1lb 14oz gave him 3rd place this week.

It was very tough going with bites at a premium for all. Out of a field of 21 there were 10 blanks and of the 11 who caught only 4 broke 1lb!!!

Christmas Blankers – but happy!!!!

Because of the dire way the yards have been fishing over the last couple of weeks, it was decided to move 2 of the Christmas sweepstake matches to Toad Hall fishery in Norwich. So please note the changes below.




As always thanks must go to Colin Jonas for organising the matches and providing the Christmas Munchies after the match – enjoyed by all whether they caught or not!

Next week is a normal club match – book in by 7.45 etc ……………see you there

Results 15-12-19
pegging 15-12-19

Boatyard 10 – The Pairs Trophy – Sunday 8th December 2019

Chris Tims makes it two wins in a row with 8lb 7oz

There was a change in the weather this weekend to rain showers and strong south westerly winds which many of us thought (hoped) would turn the fish on to feeding, but it was not to be. 18 anglers lined up for the draw and also to draw for their “partners” for the Pairs Trophy, see below for results.

Chris Tims made it 2 wins on the trot with 8lb 7oz of small fish from a windy peg 16 up the side of the Gate Basin.

Harry Barron found the fish again on the big basin where had 8lb for 2nd place just beating Tony Wilkinson on the next peg who had 7lb 15oz for 3rd.

The Crane basin was a bit of a mystery this week, with several large skimmers caught but no small fish! Dennis Willis won his 5 peg section with 1oz! Just 2 fish and no one else caught. In fact 5 out of 10 anglers in the Crane blanked, yet last week 1st and 3rd place came from it.

Next week is The Christmas Match so don’t forget to bring a prize for the table and let’s hope the fish are a little more spread out and eager to feed than they were this week……………………See you there…………………..

P.S. Dates for Sweep stake matches over Christmas Hols.

Friday 27th December 2019 Draw 9am Fish 10am – 3pm

Sunday 29th December 2019 Draw 9am Fish 10am -3pm

Tuesday 31st December 2019 Draw 9am Fish 10am – 3pm

Results 8-12-19
Pegging 8-12-19
Pairs Trophy Result