Boatyard 3 – Sunday 21st October 2018

Denny Hammond and Roger Farmer 1st and 2nd place again this week

After a cool start the day soon developed into an unseasonably warm and very sunny day with light southwest winds. There was a field of 19 members this week which is not a bad turnout, although not huge considering the weather forecast. The fish did a bit of a disappearing act this week compared to last week but you still needed 9lb plus to get in the frame. Denny Hammond made it 2 on the trot this week from his peg just up the left side of the Crane Basin where he caught steadily rotating lines to keep the fish coming and ending up with 11lb 1oz. Roger Farmer also made 2nd place for 2 weeks running from his peg near the top right side of the Crane Basin where he caught 10lb 9oz. Then switch basins to the Gate Basin, where Trev Dodson (“Mr Pickup” himself) had 9lb 7oz from the top left side. Trev was also regretting losing a big bream during the match which would have possibly given him 1st Place (another one that got away) – never mind Trev there’s always next week. Elsewhere, Mr Agass had a perch of 1lb 14oz amongst his 6lb 3oz bag from the Crane –  half a lobworm on a size 6 again Dave? So what news of the “superstar” (AKA Mark H)? Well back to reality this week, even after drawing last weeks winning peg, he could only manage  5lb (I know the feeling well). Finally John Hehir wants the peg on the Gate near the toilets removed (or filled in) next week as he is fed up of drawing it and not catching!!!!! I a, off to Ipswich next week but my spies will be reporting the events so a report will be “created” Or that may end up being “creative” we will see……..Hope you all catch and the weather is kind…………..See you in 2 weeks


Boatyard 2 David King Bowl – Sunday 14th October 2018

The weather forecast was not great for this Sundays match but it turned out to be not as bad as they thought although it did rain and blow  a bit in the afternoon.  The conditions obviously suited the fish as the weights were noticeably up on last week with half the field having more than 9lb. The Crane Basin was the place to be: Denny Hammond on the left end of the Crane had a good day with some quality skimmers in his 15lb 6oz  winning net. Then further up the right side towards the river was Roger Farmer on peg 3 with 13lb 14oz for 2nd place. Chris Tims was back towards the bottom of about a third of the way up the Crane Basin on the right side where he had 12lb 6oz for 3rd. The lowest weight in the Crane this week was 7lb 4oz off peg 1 and  last week that was where all the fish were! (unlucky Mike). Elsewhere Mr Harmer continued building the “superstar” legend with another section win off the right end of the Gate Basin with 9lb 12oz but we have no idea what was wrong with John Hehir’s peg just up the left side of the Gate Basin where he struggled for a 1lb. You can’t catch them if they are not there (Doesn’t help does it). We will have to wait and see what next week brings…….. see you there

Section Winners This Week

Pegs 1 –  5         Roger Farmer

Pegs 6 – 10       Denny Hammond

Pegs 13 – 16     Mark Charlwood

Pegs 17 – 20     Mark Harmer

Boatyard 1 – Sunday 7th October 2018

So, after a long hot summer series here we are back to basics at the boatyards and after much discussion and rumour about how bad it was going to be it was, surprisingly, quite a reasonable day, with the fish spread around the basins and 9lb plus needed to frame. We will have to see how it all continues but it is looking better than when we finished in March!

A very happy chappie – Mike Dossena wins on the wag with double figures

In the warm October sunshine it was our version of the laughing (ex)police man, Mike Dossena, who gave all of us in his section, at the top of the Crane Basin, a display of how to do it right with the waggler. He amassed a 10lb 14oz winning weight of roach and skimmers over the 5 hours and although he wasn’t laughing all the way, I can tell you he was pretty happy the way things went. I had a close up view from the next peg and got totally battered. (guess who didn’t set up a wag!!!!) In second spot this week was one of the mornings doom and gloom merchants, Mark Harmer, who managed to just beat Dennis Willis off the next peg for second with 9lb 13oz to 9lb 9oz from their pegs halfway up the left side of the Gate Basin. Meanwhile Denny Hammond has already laid a claim on the Bream Trophy with a 3lb lump from the Gate Basin. Last but not least we tried out some new digital scales (made by Fox) courtesy of a friend of John Burton. They seemed to work faultlessly during the weighing in of 12 pegs on the Crane Basin with none of the switching off problems we had with the previous  sets. So now we just need to decide do you want digital  or not? Have a think and give your views next Sunday before the draw….. See you there

This weeks Turnout 17 fished

Section Winners

Pegs 1-5         Mike Dossena

Pegs 8-10       Billy Plummer

Pegs 12-18     John Higginson

Pegs 21 – 25   Mark Harmer

Cobble Acre – Sunday 30th September 2018


Mr S playing a lumpy cobble acre resident
And Into The Net…. It’s so easy!!
Look at the bend in that net handle…
Mark Seaman ends the Summer with a win at Cobbleacre

So, today was the last summer match of 2018. The venue was a changed from the original place (Martham Pit) to Cobbleacre. 16 mad men turned up this week, or I should say members. Mark Charlwood was hoping he would finish the summer with back to back wins to end with a very comfortable lead in the summer points table. But unfortunately for him Mr Seaman had a final say this summer with a good weight on a very very hard day. Mark weighed 32lb 12oz and another first place. 2nd and not far behind was Mark Charlwood with another good weight of 26lb 6oz. 3rd place goes to Andy Dicken who weighed 20lb 4oz. Well done to them three. Would just like to thank Dave Agass once again from everyone who fished this summer, for all his hard work organizing all the matches(sorry Dave I wasn’t there to take your photo when you won). I’m sure you will have plenty of photos taken in the yards this coming winter.

1st Mark Seaman 32lb 12oz

2nd Mark (summer champion) Charlwood 29lb 06oz

3rd Andy Dicken 20lb 4oz

4th Dave Agass 16lb 8oz

5th Terry Smith 12lb 8oz

6th John Higgingson 12lb 4oz

7th Tony Wilkinson 10lb 5oz

8th Dave Edgerton 9lb

9th Dave Dearman 5lb

10th Mike Dossena 2lb 8oz

11th Chris Tims 2lb 6oz

12th Jon Burton 1lb 10oz

13th Trevor Dodson 0lb 8oz

And 3 D’N’W’s this week and yes I was one of them !

Over to Chris now as it’s time to dust the winter gear down. See you all there.

Reepham Fishery – Sunday 23rd September 2018

Mr Charlwood back to winning ways 30lb clear of the field from flyer peg 27 at Reepham

Round 27 comes from a very wet Reepham Fishery this week. Only 13 members turn out this week which was a surprise as this is one of the best places we fish. Never the less the brave souls who turned up were all hoping to get a few bites. Mark Charlwood drew the flyer peg 27 again this week and made no mistake taking first place. Mark had suffered the previous week but he well and truly made up for that this week. Mark weighed a very good 86lb 12oz on a very hard day. You can’t keep him down for long. 2nd place was Trevor Dodson. Trevor was fishing peg 13 and weighed a good 51lb ( not unlucky for him).3rd place goes to last weeks winner Mark Harmer. Mark fished peg 8 and weighed 49lb 11oz  (so I messed another good peg up ?￰). Most others caught a few carp but the weather just didn’t help today.
1st Mark Charlwood 86lb 12oz
2nd Trevor Dodson 51lb
3rd Mark Harmer 49lb 11oz
4th Chris Tims 47lb 8oz
5th Dave Dearman 37lb 12oz
6th Mike Dossena 37lb 5oz
7th Andy Dicken 24lb
8th Dave Edgerton 19lb 5oz
9th Tony Wilkinson 18lb 8oz
10th Dave Agass 14lb 11oz
11th Jon Burton 10lb 2oz
12th John Higgingson 10lb
And there was just one D’N’W this week.
Next week is the last summer match of 2018 from cobbleacre.
See you all there.

Holly Farm – 16th September 2018

Normal service resumed after last weeks hiccup

“The Harmer” back at No 1 spot this week at Holly Farm
Shhhh……Master Angler Concentrating Here….

Holly Farm South Walsham was the venue for round 26 of the summer series this week. 19 members made the trip which is a good turn out for this once prolific fishery. Could Mark Seaman make it 2 in a row? Or would Mark Harmer get back to winning ways? With the draw done and a sunny warm day forecast it was time for the all in. So it turned out it was Mark Harmer making a return to winning ways this week after his second place the previous week. Mark was fishing peg 4 and caught carp at 6 metres and down the edge for a total weight of 22lb 6oz not a great weight but this shows how poor the fishery is now. 2nd place goes to Dave Dearman who was just one fish from winning. Dave fished peg 6 and weighed 21lb 8oz. Mark Seaman has to settle for third place this week. Fishing peg 17 Mark weighed 17lb 8oz. And with only 4 more weights over 10lb tells it’s own story.

1st Mark Harmer 22lb 6oz

2nd Dave Dearman 21lb 8oz

3rd Mark Seaman 17lb 8oz

4th Dennis Willis 15lb

5th Dave Agass 14lb 2oz

6th Mike Dossena 12lb 4oz

7th Andy Dicken 11lb 6oz

8th John Higgingson 9lb 4oz

9th Chris Tims 9lb

10th Tony Wilkinson 8lb 6oz

11th Terry Smith 7lb 10oz

12th Trevor Dodson 7lb 6oz

13th Dave Edgerton 3lb 8oz

14th=Jon Burton 1lb

Matt Jeffries 1lb

There was 4 D’N’W’s This week.

Next week it’s back to my favorite Reepham Fishery see you all there

Colton – Sunday 9th September 2018

Seaman Halts Harmer’s Winning Run

Mark Seaman wins by 4lb at Colton to end Mark Harmers great summer winning streak
Dave Agass and his 15lb 4oz carp at Colton

Round 25 of the summer series was at Barford’s “Beastie lake” – Colton. 17 members made the long drive this week which is a good turn out, and everyone doubly determined to stop Mr Harmer making it 8 in a row. With everybody ready and hoping they had all the fish in their peg it was time for the all in. Mark Seaman made a return this week after missing the last 2 weeks. He narrowly pipped Mark Harmer for first place this week. Mark caught across on the feeder and weighed 84lb. So, 2nd is an unfamiliar place for Mr Harmer this week especially when losing by just 4lb (just one more fish). Mark caught fish across on the feeder and on the pole at 9 metres for a weight of 80lb. 3rd place goes to the ever consistent Mark Charlwood ( you can’t keep him out of the frame). Mark caught fish down the edge at the end to weigh in 64lb 8oz. A big well done to the three of them. The Marks strike again (you just can’t win if you are not called Mark). Must just say that after last weeks dip Dave Agass had a better day landing the biggest carp of the day tipping the scales to over 15lb.

1st Mark Seaman 84lb
2nd Mark Harmer 80lb
3rd Mark Charlwood 64lb 8oz
4th Kevin Lawson 51lb
5th Dave Agass 48lb 4oz
6th Alex Watson 41lb 4oz
7th Dave Edgerton 34lb
8th Dave Gipson 32lb 10oz
9th Tony Wilkinson 32lb 8oz
10th Chris Tims 27lb 14oz
11th Jon Burton 21lb
12th Matt Jeffries 18lb 2oz
13th Dave Paynter 15lb 4oz
14th Andy Dicken 9lb 12oz
15th Terry Smith 9lb 8oz
And 2 D’N’W’s this week
On a whole it fished ok with most catching some fish.
Holly Farm is up next.
See you all there.

Bartles Lodge – Sunday 2nd September 2018

Who can stop Harmer?

Mark Harmer (yawn) wins again (getting boring) at Bartles Lodge this week continuing his great run of form.

Round 24 this week comes from the very pretty and prolific Bartles Lodge. 12 members made the journey this week. Very warm weather was forecast for this week which is very welcome. Having made the draw and everyone was ready to see if it would be their lucky week.once again it was Mark Harmer who came out on top again this week. Mark was on peg 10 and caught 56 carp tight down the edge for a winning weight of 133lb 10oz. So that’s now 7 on the trot. 2nd place was the ever consistent Mark Charlwood. Mark was on peg 1 and caught carp steadily all day for a total weight of 102lb 7oz. 3rd place was Dave Dearman.Dave was fishing the hot peg 4. Dave started the match like a man on a mission catching 2 fish before anyone else had put a bait in the water. But unfortunately for him the bits faded but he weighed a very good 76lb which made up for last week when he had to leave early.

Great white hunter searching for his top kit!
Must be here somewhere…….

Must just mention that Mr Agass had to take a dip at the end today to retrieve his number 4 and top kit which went for a swim. And yes he did get it back.



1st Mark Harmer 133lb 10oz
2nd Mark Charlwood 102lb 7oz
3rd Dave Dearman 76lb
4th Matt Jeffreys 46lb 14oz
5th Tony Wilkinson 38lb 8oz
6th Dave Easter 37lb 10oz
7th Trevor Dodson 36lb 15oz
8th Terry Smith 32lb 13oz
9th Jon Burton 22lb 12oz
10th Dave Edgerton 22lb 9oz
11th Andy Dicken 21lb 3oz
12th Dave Agass 18lb 12oz
Next week it’s Colton on the Barford Complex.
See you all there.

Melton Pond 4 – Sunday 26th August 2018

Mark Harmer continues his winning run at Melton Ponds in the rain this week

Round 23 this week was at a very wet Melton Pond 4. 14 members made the trip this week. With a drop in temperature over night everybody’s thoughts were that it maybe a little hard. And it proved to be very hard. With the draw done and everyone ready it was time. Once again this week it was the in form Mark Harmer who narrowly ran out the winner for a fifth match running. Mark weighed 49lb 3oz from peg 14. Mark fished tight across to the island with pellets. Can anybody stop him (trust me it won’t last). 2nd place goes to Andy Dicken. Andy fished the end peg in the top corner and weighed 47lb. 3rd place was Tony Wilkinson. Tony was on the car park side and weighed 28lb. Well done to them. Everybody else had a very hard days fishing. This pond is hard most times but it was very hard today.

1st Mark Harmer 49lb 3oz

2nd Andy Dicken 47lb

3rd Tony Wilkinson 28lb

4th Matt Jeffries 24lb 8oz

5th John Higgingson 23lb 8oz

6th Dennis Willis 17lb 6oz

7th Trevor Dodson 16lb 9oz

8th Dave Edgerton 14lb 7oz

9th Dave Agass 14lb 5oz

10th Jon Burton 13lb 4oz

11th Mark Charlwood 11lb 2oz

There was 3 D’N’W’s this week.

Next week it’s back to Bartles Lodge.

See you all there.

Old Stables – Sunday19th August 2018

Mark Harmer wins at Old Stables – 4th Match win in a row – Unstoppable?

The Old Stables North Walsham was the setting for round 22 of the summer series this week. Another full house this week with 14 members all hoping it’s they lucky day. With the draw down and overcast conditions everyone was feeling optimistic. Mark Harmer was fishing peg 14 and continued his winning run with a nice catch under the willow tree in about 10 inches of water. Mark weighed 75lb 6oz for a comfortable win. That’s 4 on the spin. 2nd goes to Terry Smith. Terry was fishing peg 9 and caught fish from the off. Terry weighed a very good 45lb. 3rd was Dave Edgerton. Dave was fishing peg 10 and weighed 37lb. Well done to them three.


1st Mark Harmer 75lb 6oz

2nd Terry Smith 45lb

3rd Dave Edgerton 37lb

4th= Mark Charlwood 35lb

Mark Seaman 35lb

6th Mike Dossena 33lb 6oz

7th Dave Agass 31lb 4oz

8th Trevor Dodson 18lb 12oz

9th Jon Burton 18lb 10oz

10th Dave Gipson 18lb 4oz

11th John Hehir 17lb 3oz

12th Matt Jeffreys 13lb 9oz

13th Dave Dearman 12lb 8oz

And one D’N’W, this week.

Next week it’s back to Melton Pond 4.

See you all there.