And we are back………….

Reepham Fishery – Sunday 31-5-20

Reepham fishery was the venue for the first match back after the lockdown.

Alex Watson wins with 307lb 3oz at Reepham

14 members made the trip to this prolific fishery. The weather was very sunny and warm. On arrival we all noticed that the fish had started to spawn so everyone was unsure how it would fish. But we shouldn’t have any doubts as it fished its head off.

Alex Watson was on peg 36 and fished down his right hand margin and caught fish all day which included some very large carp and ended up weighing 307lb 03oz. Lucky old bandit!

Second place goes to Trevor Dodson who fished peg 11 next to the reeds and weighed 236lb 02oz. Well done ,Trevor!

Third place goes to Mark Harmer who fished peg 53 and caught steadily all match and ended up weighing 212lb 05oz. Well done to them three!

There was also another five hundred plus weights.

1st Alex Watson 307lb 03oz

2nd Trevor Dodson 236lb 02oz

3rd Mark Harmer 212lb 05oz

4th Mark Seaman 136lb 13oz

5th Dave Edgerton 136lb 08oz

6th Dave Agass 107lb 11oz

7th Chris Tims 103lb 07oz

8th Mark Charlwood 101lb 10oz

9th Mike Dossena 99lb 05oz

10th Dave Gipson 97lb 01oz

11th Jon Burton 85lb 13oz

12th Dave Paynter 56lb 03oz

13th Adie Hall 46lb 06oz

14th Dave Dearman 34lb

Next week it’s off to the Old Stables in North Walsham

Please, contact Dave to see the availability of spaces.

Stay safe! See you all there!

Match Fishing is Allowed Again

As announced by the angling trust on 26th May I am pleased to say Match fishing is once again allowed as long as the covid 19 guidelines are followed particularly at the draw and weigh in of any event. So, fishery openings permitting, we are back on our match calendar summer schedule. Check with Dave Agass as to peg availability etc. See below for the full announcement from the Angling Trust website

Match fishing allowed again

Robust new best practice guidelines published by the Angling Trust to bring match fishing in line with COVID-19 procedures have now been agreed by the government as a basis for competitions to resume immediately. These include no gathering of competitors for the draw or prize giving and special equipment and arrangements to maintain social distancing during the weigh-in.

The Angling Trust guidelines were produced in consultation with leading anglers, organisers and fisheries in the match fishing community across all angling disciplines.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) made clear in their announcement and supporting literature on 13th May 2020 that it was unlikely that competitions could be undertaken across any sporting discipline.

However, the Angling Trust compiled a case for the best practice guidelines to form the basis on which match fishing can comply with both the overarching government guidance that accompanies the Coronavirus regulations and the specific prohibitions on public gatherings of more than two people from different households. Failure to follow these guidelines would almost certainly invalidate the insurance of clubs or fisheries and will certainly expose anglers, and therefore the wider public, to a great risk of infection.

In last week’s submission to the DCMS, Angling Trust CEO Jamie Cook set out the reasons why competition fishing was different to other sports in ways which make it potentially compliant with the correct safeguards in place.

• Fishing competitions involve no contact between competitors and is more or less the comparison of catch returns at the end of the day

• Social distancing is maintained at all times during an angling competition

• There are no spectators

• No competitor is allowed to make contact with another competitor or their equipment

The Angling Trust best practice document was presented to Sport England and the DCMS last week who agreed that they were ‘sensible’ and could be issued this week as the basis for a safe resumption of match fishing in England. In response, DCMS also stated that they were looking for sports to satisfy themselves that all guidance they are producing for their members adheres to the overarching guidance published by the government.

Angling Trust CEO Jamie Cook welcomed the response saying: “We were always committed to move through the phases of our plan for the resumption of all forms of angling as quickly as possible, bearing in mind the changes in government guidance and the need to present angling as a safe and responsible outdoor activity.

“It’s because we have acted sensibly and professionally that the government is happy to see the Angling Trust guidelines as the basis for a return to competitive fishing in all angling disciplines.

“My message to match anglers and organisers is not to take this for granted, particularly when many other sports are restricted to participation with no more than one other individual. By all means enjoy fishing matches again but please do so safely by following our guidelines to minimise the risk.”

Following the easing of some of the lockdown restrictions on May 13th, general guidance to anglers in the Angling Trust’s When We Fish Again report will be revised. The changes will include:

• A resumption in match fishing in line with best practice guidance

• The use of keep nets will be permitted

• Kayak and boat fishing in freshwater

Separate guidelines have been produced for game, coarse and sea angling competitions but Charter boat fishing is still not compliant under the current regulations.

Steve Ringer said: “As a match angler first and foremost this is great news and it is a credit to the Angling Trust’s approach that we find ourselves back so soon. We must however now make sure we justify this by meeting the guidelines and setting an example to all. Its good to be back!”

Chris Clark, BCAe said: “I’m delighted to hear the news that match fishing can resume and commend the Angling Trust on their work in this area. It’s incredibly important that everyone, organisers and anglers, play our part and follow rules, guidance and best practice to ensure competitions are safe for everyone involved.”

Ifor Jones, of Fishery Management Draycote-Eyebrook-Thornton, said: “It’s great news that anglers will be able to fish competitions once again and I applaud the Angling Trust for being proactive and supporting the safe reintroduction of competitions. I look forward to welcoming competitive anglers to our fisheries in due course.”

Aaron Grantham of Lindholme Lakes said: “Great to see that the hard work and commitment from the Angling Trust and all the other individuals involved paid off. We can now get match fishing going again in a safe manner.”

Dave Harrell added: “I’m delighted with the news that competition fishing is back. The important thing now is that all match anglers respect the current situation we are in and work closely with competition organisers to ensure that we have totally safe events.

“We’ve got long daylight hours at present so we must take our time and think carefully about our actions when it comes to things like weighing in.”

Melton Pond 4

Sunday the 22nd March

mark Harmer winner this week
Mark Harmer – first win of the summer 63lb 6oz at Melton ponds

Melton Pond 4 was the venue this week.

Only 10 members made this week due to the Chinese Coronavirus flu.

So we decided to have 5 pegs on each side so everybody had plenty of room.

With a stiff breeze blowing from the East we all were expecting a difficult day as it is not the easiest place to fish any time but the sun was shining lovely.

Mark Harmer pulled peg 14 out of the bag and ran out a comfortable winner catching 10 carp for a total weight of 63lb 6oz mostly caught tight across. Well done, Mark!

Second place for a second week running was the inform Dave Agass who caught 3 big carp to weigh 28lb 8oz. Well done again, Dave!

Third place this’d week goes to Mark Charlwood who also caught 3 carp to weigh 22lb 2oz . Well done , Mark!

And everybody else struggled for bites with only the odd fish caught .

1st Mark Harmer 63lb 6oz

2nd Dave Agass 28lb 8oz

3rd Mark Charlwood 22lb 2oz

4th Trevor Dodson 12lb 8oz

5th Mark Seaman 12lb 4oz

6th Jon Burton 9lb 8oz

7th Dave Paynter 4lb 12oz

8th Dave Dearman 0lb 4oz

And two D’N’Ws this week

Next week it is back to Barford pleasure lake. As long as we are allowed to leave our houses. Fingers crossed ?

Hope to see you all there and stay safe!

Don’t forget to contact Dave to see if there are any places available.

Here Comes Summer……..

15th March 2020 was the start of the Stalham & District summer series.

Barford March lake was the venue.

dave dearman this weeks winner
Dave Dearman wins at Barford Match Lake

13 members turned up which was a little low but understandable due to the current conditions. The weather forecast for the day was strong gusts of wind and some light rain.

With the draw done everybody was keen to start.

Dave Dearman was victorious from his peg on the far side which was 28. Dave caught carp steadily for most of the match and weighed 53lb 6oz which was about 12 fish ? . Well done Dave!

Second place was Dave Agass with 43lb 8oz from peg 8. Dave Gipson was third with 35lb 6oz from peg 2 so it looks like the fish were at that end of the lake today.

So have The Dave’s taken over from the Mark’s ??.

Most others struggled for most of the day for bites with only 4 weights over 20lb.

1st Dave Dearman 53lb 6oz

2nd Dave Agass 43lb 8oz

3rd Dave Gipson 35lb 6oz

4th Mark Harmer 33lb 10oz

5th Mark Charlwood 32lb 2oz

6th Mike Dossena 26lb 14oz

7th Trevor Dodson 26lb 4oz

8th Alex Watson 19lb

9th Terry Smith 16lb 11oz

10th Adie Hall 12lb 6oz

11th Jon Burton 9lb

12th Dave Edgerton 8lb 14oz

And one D’N’W

Next week we travel to Melton Pond 4 for some proper fishing ?

See you all there

And, please, contact Dave to see if there are any places available.

Boatyard 22 Sunday 8th March 2020

Denny Hammond wins with 13lb 3oz

This was the last match of the winter season at the boatyards which has been one of the poorest winters I can remember. Although don’t forget we had one match with 2 bream nets over 20lb and 1 of 38lb+ with several other double figure backing weights! So what went wrong? We can talk about that for ever and never really know. Just let us hope it is a one off aberration and come next October the fishing will return to the excellent level we are more used to.

Back to Sundays match – with the weather forecast predicting wind and rain the turnout was predictably low and only 8 deciding to attend. As it turned out the weather was windy but the rain was replaced by sun and even more surprising the fishing was reasonable!!! Everyone caught (haven’t been able to say that for a while) and Denny Hammond made the most of his draw on the left hand end of the Gate Basin (again) for a runaway win with 13lb 3oz

Chris Tims was in 2nd place with 7lb 3oz from peg 16 up the right side of the gate and Tony Wilkinson was 3rd with 5lb 8oz from the end of the Crane Basin.

So that wraps up another Winter at the boatyards – thanks must go, as always, to Colin Jonas for all his hard work organising and running these matches.

Don’t forget the AGM on Tuesday 17th March 2020 8PM at The Harnser

See you there……….

Results 8-3-20
Pegging 8-3-20

Boatyard 21 – Ludham Cup – 1st March 2020

Jon Burton wins this week with 12lb 2oz

Yet another windy Sunday welcomed the 13 competitors for this weeks penultimate match at the yards – with the added attraction of bright sunshine all day!

Mr Burton made the most of his good draw this week extracting a very good 12lb 2oz from the left hand end of the Gate basin for a convincing win. Roger Farmer was at the end of road on the Big basin where he had small fish all day for 7lb 6oz and 2nd just in front of Trevor Dodson, who hsd 7lb 4oz from the right end of the Gate.

Everyone caught again this week although the windy conditions made it hard going in some places. Also we had some unfortunate boat movement at the start of the match with the yard being open for business again.

Last match at the yards next week until October……………See you there

Results 1-3-20
pegging 1-3-20

Boatyard 20 – Singles KO Final – Sunday 23rd February 2020

Denny Hammond wins this week with 7lb 1oz

The weather forecast was for rain and strong winds and it didn’t disappoint! With a howling westerly wind there was always going to be damage inflicted somewhere and Trevor Dodson’s pole was the first casualty with 3 sections being broken before the match even started.

Despite the weather 11 anglers lined up for the draw and everybody caught fish. Denny Hammond was on the left hand end of the Gate Basin and ran out the winner with 7lb 1oz. Just a few fish behind was Ian Holmes who was on the right hand end of the Gate and had 6lb 8oz for 2nd place.

Colin Jonas had a 3lb+ bream in the big basin which gave him his section and despite his broken pole Trev Dodson won the singles KO weighing in 1lb 7oz against my miserable 12oz on the next peg!

Next week is the Ludham Cup, the last points match of the winter series but there is no way anyone will be catching Mr Dodson this year, congratulations to him on winning the Sutton Cup.

Maybe the weather will be better next week!!??…………….See you there

Results 23-2-20
Pegging 23-2-20

Boatyard 18 – Bill Davies Cup – Sunday 9th February 2020

Despite the weather and dreadful forecast twenty five members turned up to fish. Everyone caught, many in double figures, however Trevor Dodson only caught six gudgeon and everyone cheered!

However then I woke up and heard the wind…… Actually seven were gathered in a tight huddle in the car park to prevent anyone blowing away, one said a full English breakfast beckoned so he vanished (wind assisted), another who shall be nameless (DE), said he would rather go shopping. The magnificent five adjourned to the right hand side of the gate basin and did battle with a variety of species….DD nearest the river had a good perch….eventually…..Martin and Colin had several specimen gudgeon etc, TD and TW had about four pounds of quality small roach. We decided in the spirit of comradeship and men against the elements to declare everyone the winner, except Trevor, he’s got enough points anyway.

An awful day was enjoyed by all. Long live the magnificent five! The spirit of SAC lives on! (Sorry no photos ,no one could stay still enough in the wind.)

[My thanks to TW for the match report this week – as I (CT) thought better of it and stayed in bed!!!!!]