Boatyard 14 – Sunday 13th January 2019

Chris Tims – happy with his win this week

A great turnout of 23 (mad) keen anglers braved the weather to fish at the yards this Sunday. The forecast was for wind, and for once they were spot on, with a strong westerley gusting across the yards, strong enough at times to blow Mr Charlwood’s rod holdall straight into the water! (safely retrieved thankfully). Chris Tims continued his great form at the drawbag pulling out peg 24 opposite the wet shed on the big basin, where he caught 18lb 8oz of roach perch skimmers and hybrids to win this week. There are rumours that if he fell in he would come up with a pocket full of fish, always assuming he wasn’t held under by the weight of his golden b*****s! – Still these are only rumours you understand……..

Second place this week was again taken by Mark Charlwood (he of the soggy rod bag) from peg 7 on the Gate Basin with 14lb 14oz of skimmers and roach. Mark had a great start and end to the match but a dead period in the middle kept him off 1st place. Third place was Denny Hammond 13lb 8oz of skimmers from his peg 21 right at the top corner of the Big Basin just along from the slip way. Denny also had a few pike problems today I reckon it’s those 8 inch lobworms he fishes.

Pegging map this week
Results 13-1-19

The Crane Basin was in again this week and produced good double figure bags from each of the 4 pegs in the basin which is good news for the future matches and Dave Gipson had 12lb 14oz off the 3rd jetty facing the wind which shows the fish were all round the basins but the conditions did make it hard in some places. Next week it’s the Li Livard Cup – and it’s meant to be colder!?………… See you there………………..

Boatyard 13 – 3rd Rnd Singles KO Sunday 6th January 2019

Mark Harmer wins with 17lb 8oz this week

A quiet day weather wise with light winds and overcast conditions which led this weeks 18 entrants to anticipate more double figure weights for all, especially as the boats had not been moved much in the basins and most of the pegs remained the same as over the Christmas break. Well it nearly worked out but there were only 4 double figure weights this week all in the big basin. Mark Harmer made it back to 1st place this week with a cracking 17lb 8oz net from peg 10. 3 pegs away was a certain Mr Charlwood who found the fish again this week and had 14lb 9oz for 2nd followed by Alex Watson, who had 13lb 1oz, from his peg next to the winner, for 3rd. Generally the yards fished a bit harder than recently maybe the weather is on the change or they know something we don’t. See below for the results from the Singles KO and see who you’ve got in the next round. We will have to wait and see what next Sunday brings after the winds and high tides this week …………..See you there

Results sheet
Peg map 6-1-19
Round 3 singles KO Results

Sweep Stake 3 – New Years Day 2019

Happy New Year was the most widely used phrase as the nine competitors assembled for this the 3rd and final sweepstake match over the Christmas Break. With a relatively low turnout (not too surprising) everyone was pegged on the Big Basin, which is just full of fish at the present and provided another close result with 6 out of nine breaking double figures. Ian Jones drew the 4th jetty and was always going to be hard to beat, although mid match he was complaining it was “a bit slow” he still managed to put 14lb 12oz on the scales for 1st place. Mark Harmer drew peg 1 at the top of the Basin opposite the wet shed and came in a close 2nd with 14lb 2oz and then in 3rd was Chris Tims, who couldn’t quite make it 3 in a row, with 13lb 4oz from the first jetty. A good days fishing was had by all and we will just have to see how things go once the boatyard starts working again and the boats are all moving. Keep your fingers crossed that the weights continue to be good and 2019 brings no huge fluctuations in the weather. Next Sunday (6th Jan) is the 3rd round of the Singles KO click here to see who’s against who……………..See you there

Xmas Sweep 2 – Sunday 30-12-18

Chris Tims makes it 2 in a row with 14lb to win

The last match of the year had 22 members turn up for this (no points) sweepstake. The weather was almost ideal with light westerly winds and mainly overcast conditions. Chris Tims continued his run of good form (and drawing – some say he is an artiste) drawing the 4th jstty on the Big Basin and bringing 14lb to the scales for his 2nd consecutive win in the Christmas series of matches. Joint second place went to Billy Plummer and Dave Edgerton who ere on pegs 3 and 4 on the Gate Basin and both had 13lb 1oz. In 3rd place was Mark Seaman from 5 at the top of the Big Basin where he had 13lb dead. from the field of 22 there were 10 double figure weights and everyone had a few fish so the Boatyards fished well – long may it continue. There is one more sweep over the Christmas break on Tues 1st Jan 2019 (New Years Day) Draw 8.30am See you there……. Normal matches resume next Sunday 6th Jan 2019 Definitely see you there………. Happy New Year to all our Readers…………

Results sheet
Pegging Map

Xmas Sweep 1 Thursday 27th December 2018

Chris Tims wins Xmas Sweep 1 with 15lb 11oz

Almost perfect weather conditions for winter fishing greeted the 13 anglers who came to fish this, the first of the extra Xmas matches at the boatyards. Arranged to give some relief from the Christmas festivities for all of us that need our angling “fix” as often as possible. With the Crane Basin still out of sorts it was decided to fish on just the Big Basin and the Gate Basin. An in -form Chris Tims drew peg 12 one down from the top of the Big Basin where he managed to snare 15lb 11oz of roach perch and skimmers for 1st place followed by Ian Jones who was 2 pegs further down the Big Basin, and Alex Watson who was all on his own on the end of the Gate Basin, these two shared 2nd place with 14lb 12oz each. The fishing was pretty consistent with over half the field catching double figures and without “pike trouble” the weights would have been even better. Next match is Sunday at normal time (book in by 7.45am) and with similar weather forecast, it should be another good day……..See You There………….No results sheet this time (it is in Mark C’s Car)

Boatyard 12 – Christmas Match Sunday 23rd Decemebr2018

Mark Charlwood with his winners spoils

A very dark and damp winters morning greeted the 17 entrants for the Christmas Match this week. Luckily although it rained most of the day there was hardly any wind so at least you could fish from under a brolly without the risk of it taking off. Mark Charlwood returned to form this week although he wasn’t happy with his draw on peg 8 at the top left of the Gate basin. He was pleasantly surprised by the number and size of the fish he found in front of him and proceeded to make the most of it putting 15lb 2oz on the scales for 1st place.
Mark Harmer was again in 2nd place this week from his peg at the top of the Big Basin where he had a similar bag to last week for 14lb 3oz. John Burton was on the 4th Jetty on the Big Basin and had 11lb 7oz for 3rd place. So despite the weather, the fish fed well. Unfortunately we don’t know yet whether they are back in the Crane Basin as, with less people this week, we were able to all fit on the 2 in-form basins, but no doubt in the next week or so we will be back in the Crane. Thanks must go, as always, to Colin Jonas for overcoming the wet conditions and improvising a shelter under the Crane. This at least gave us somewhere a little dryer for the mince pies and sausage rolls etc and the prizes to be distributed. Thanks are also due to Lenny Reeves and his kind donation of bottles of wine which went to each section winner. Merry Christmas to you all – next match is on Thursday 27th 8.30 draw – see you there……

Results Sheet
Pegging Map

Section Winners This week

pegs 5 – 8 Mark Charlwood

pegs 9 – 13 Mark Harmer

pegs 14 – 18 Tony Wilkinson

pegs 19 – 22 Jon Burton

Boatyard 11 – Pairs Trophy Sunday 16th December 2018

After a very wild, wet and windy Saturday, thankfully Sunday dawned a calm and sunny day with only a gentle breeze. 18 competitors lined up for this weeks match to decide the Pairs Trophy. Chris Tims continued his run of form in the draw bag pulling out peg 26 on the 4th jetty in the Big Basin, from which he proceeded to extract 19lb 6oz of roach and perch for a runaway 1st place. Mark Harmer was also on the Big Basin at the top end opposite the wet shed on peg 18 where he had an excellent 14lb 6oz for 2nd. Back on the 2nd jetty peg 24 was Alex Watson who had 12lb 13oz for 3rd. So it was a Big Basin 1, 2, 3 this week with one double figure weight on the gate basin.But spare a thought for the 7 anglers who found themselves on the DESERT formally known as the Crane Basin! FOUR blanks in one section and a top weight of 2lb 2oz in the other! The fish had obviously moved house this week. Let’s hope they make a return by next week for the Christmas Match. Remember to bring a prize (bottle, biscuits, chocs etc) for the table……………See you there

Chris Tims wins with 19lb 6oz
Results sheet 16-12-18

This weeks Section winners

Pegs 1 – 4          Dave Paynter

Pegs 5 – 12        Blanks split money

Pegs 13 – 15      Denny Hammond 

Pegs 16 – 20      Mark Harmer

pegs 21 – 26      Chris Tims

Pairs Winners John Hehir & Chris Tims with 25lb 13oz

Boatyard 10 – Ida Livard Cup – 9th December 2018

Dave Edgerton Back to 1st place this week with 15lb  – is that a “scottish grip” he has on those envelopes?

The forecast early rain held off but the wind did strengthen through the day to give some testing conditions on most pegs this week. Despite the forecast wind, 21 anglers line up for the draw to find out where they weregoing to be for the next 5 or so hours. Dave Edgerton continued his run of form with a 15lb winning weight from peg 2 at the top of the Crane Basin.  Chris Tims drew the 3rd jetty in the Big Basin and had 14lb 3oz for 2nd place and Mike Dossena had 13lb 12oz from peg 22 on the left hand end of the Gate Basin (he also was complaing of losing 2 good fish in the last 15 minutes but I’ve told you before Mike you shouldn’t swing them!!!!). So the frame was split one from each basin with double figure backing weights in all basins as well – the big basin is still probably the most consistent, but everyone caught over 5 lb this week which, compared to last year, is a great improvement. Mr Edgerton has won  some nice silverware to polish next year – you know how he loves that. I will attempt to get the CORRECT results sheet on this post!! Next week is the Pairs …….See you there………. 

This weeks section winners

Pegs 1   –  4               Dave Edgerton

Pegs 5  –   10             Dave Agass

Pegs 11 –  18             Mark Harmer

Pegs 20 –  23             Mike Dossena

Pegs 23 –  27             Chris Tims

pegging map 9-12-18
results sheet 9-12-18

Boatyard 9 – Singles KO 2nd Rnd – 2nd December 2018

Chris Tims wins with 15lb 3oz

In the grey half light of a surprisingly mild December morning 26 anglers assembled at the Yards looking forward to the promise of a good days fishing. The second round of the Singles KO  was also being fought out today for full results click here and at least all competitors (who attended) caught this year! Chris Tims drew peg 8 on the Gate Basin and came out victorious this week with 15lb 10oz of mainly roach and perch. Dave Edgerton was on peg 12 at the top of the Big Basin and had 14lb 12oz for 2nd place and then John Higginson (peg 13) and Alex Watson (peg 7) tied for third with 14lb each. Overall there were 14 double figure weights spread over all basins. Out of a field of 26 that’s pretty consistent fishing and great to see! Had a bit of a problem with the photo this week (No it is nothing to do with the subject!) Mr Burton needs to practise his camera technique – this is not in focus Jon and I looked like complete idiot  (don’t even think it) in the other one. Next week it’s the Ida Livard Trophy – Hooray!!!! See you there….

This weeks Section winners

Pegs 1 – 5       Jon Burton            13lb 10oz   Crane

Pegs 6 – 10    Chris Tims             15lb 10oz   Gate

Pegs 11 – 13  Dave Edgerton      14lb 12oz   Big

Pegs 14 – 16   Mark Seaman       12lb 4oz     Big

Pegs 17 – 21   Mark Charlwood  12lb 4oz    Big

Pegs 22 – 26   Mark Harmer        9lb 8oz      Big

pegging map 2-12-18
results sheet 2-12-18
Singles KO rnd 2 results