Old Stables Sunday 1st July 2017

mark harmer and fish
Mark Harmer gets into winning mode at Old Stables

Round 16 today comes from The Old Stables North Walsham. 14 members turned out this week so all pegs were in. Some members had fished here on Wednesday and reported very good weights so everybody was keen to start. Everyone was trying to stop the In-form Kevin Lawson. First place this week goes to Mark Harmer. Mark fished peg 15 and caught fish on the deck and shallow and weighed 61lb 8oz. Well done Mark. 2nd this week was Kevin Lawson so no hat trick but still in the frame. Kevin weighed 33lb 4oz from peg 9. 3rd goes to Mark Charlwood. Mark fished peg 3 and weighed 31lb 8oz. Everybody caught some fish but not all weighed in. Just like to say that Mr Dossena lost his favourite rig this week, think it was a Christmas present lol.

1st Mark Harmer 61lb 8oz

2nd Kevin Lawson 33lb 4oz

3rd Mark Charlwood 31lb 8oz

4th Dave Gipson 29lb 4oz

5th Mike Dossena 26lb 6oz

6th Dave Dearman 26lb 4oz

7th Trevor Dodson 25lb 8oz

8th Tony Wilkinson 21lb 12oz

9th Dave Agass 14lb 12oz

10th Dave Edgerton 14lb 6oz

4 D.N.W’s.

Next week it’s back to Glen Farm Metton. See you all there.

Barford Match Lake, Sunday 25th June 2017

Kevin Lawson makes it 2 wins on the spin at Barford Match Lake

Round 15 today took us back to Barford. There was a change from Railway to the Match lake. Once again there was a very poor turn out with only 10 members making this one. It’s funny how some people complain to the committee about not being able to fish in the summer. There’s was 20 empty pegs today and last week at Railway so clearly these members are not really worried about fishing!!!. Moan over, Back to this week and once again it was Kevin Lawson who ran out the winner to make it 2 on the spin. Kevin fished the far side bank and caught steadily all day and weighed 82lb 4oz well done lucky Toad. 2nd this moving up one place was Mark Charlwood. Mark fished one peg down from Kevin and weighed 78lb 12oz. I think the fish which got out of his landing net could’ve been the winning fish but we will never know, well done Mark. 3rd this week goes to Trevor Dodson. Trevor fished the car park side and weighed a very good 72lb 9oz. Well done Trevor.

1st Kevin Lawson 82lb 4oz

2nd Mark Charlwood 78lb 12oz

3rd Trevor Dodson 72lb 9oz

4th Mike Dossena 68lb 8oz

5th Mark Harmer 55lb 4oz

6th Dave Agass 50lb 6oz

7th Dave Edgerton 36lb 4oz

8th John Higginson 26lb 12oz

9th Terry Smith 9lb 4oz

10th Tony Wilkinson 7lb 12oz

So everybody weighed in this week.

Would just like to say a speedy recovery for Dave Paynter from everybody at Stalham A.C.

Next week it back to the Old Stables. See you all there.

Railway lake Sunday 18th June 2017

railway lake
Railway Lake. part of the Barford complex

Round 14 today took us to Railway on the barford complex. Very poor turn out this week with only 10 members making the trip. This was a practice week as we return here next week.Kevin Lawson was the winner this week, Kevin weighed 60lb well done lucky toad. 2nd this week returning to some form was Mark Seaman. Mark weighed 55lb 8oz well done Mark. 3rd was  Mr consistent Mark Charlwood. Mark caught on the feeder once the ducks moved from his peg. Mark caught some nice carp and two nice ducks!?. Mark weighed 45lb 12oz. Overall it was maybe a little to hot we all looked like lobsters by the end.

1st Kevin Lawson 60lb

2nd Mark Seaman 55lb 8oz

3rd Mark Charlwood 45lb 12oz

4th Mark Harmer 34lb 12oz

5th John Higgingson 20lb 8oz

6th Dave Agass 20lb

7th Mike Dossena 15lb 8oz

8th Roger Farmer 14lb 8oz

9th Dave Edgerton 6lb

There was one D.N.W this week.

Hopefully next week the turn out will be better. Railway again see you all there.

Reepham Bungalow Lake 11-6-2017

bungalow lake reepham
Reepham Bungalow lake with “fountain”

Round 13 today was on the Bungalow lake at Reepham. The weather this week was warm with sunny spells but quite breezy. 16 members arrived this week hoping they would draw the flyer. Alex Watson was this weeks winner, Alex fished peg 15 and weighed 52lb 7oz. Alex caught all his fish down the edge, well done Alex. 2nd place was Trevor Dodson. Trevor fished peg 8 and caught well near the end to finish with 43lb 13oz. 3rd place was Mark Charlwood. Mark fished peg 7 and weighed 37lb 5oz well done Mark. Everybody had some fish but it didn’t fish that good. I’m sure it will get better with time once the new F1’s put some weight on.

1st Alex Watson 52lb 7oz

2nd Trevor Dodson 43lb 13oz

3rd Mark Charlwood 37lb 5oz

4th Mark Seaman 35lb 9oz

5th Tony Wilkinson 33lb 10oz

6th Mike Dossena 33lb 15oz

7th Mark Harmer 29lb 4oz

8th Dave Dearman 19lb 11oz

9th Dave Edgerton 18lb 14oz

10th Dave Paynter 16lb 1oz

11th Dave Gipson 10lb 5oz

12th Dave Easter 9lb 4oz

13th Terry Smith 5lb 3oz

There was 3 D.N.W’s this week. Sorry no photo this week of the winner as I forgot. Next week it’s one of the barford waters Railway. If anyone wants to come along there’s been some cancellations so give Dave a call.

Old Stables, North Walsham. Sunday 4th June 2017

dave edgerton with winning catch
Dave Edgerton this weeks winner with 70lb+

Round 12 today took us to the Old Stables North Walsham. 14 members again for this one which was a full house. With the forecast looking good everyone was keen to start. Dave Edgerton stole the show this week from peg 14 in the corner. Dave caught some small carp early on, but later moved to the edge and caught better carp for the rest of the Match(they don’t call him the edge for nothing). Dave weighed a very good 70lb 12oz well done Dave. 2nd this week was Mark Charlwood who improved from last weeks torture. Mark caught shallow for most of the day and finished with 63lb 8 oz from peg 15. 3rd place was the lucky Kevin Lawson. That’s 3 frames in a row. Kevin fished peg 6 which is normally the peg you don’t want so well done to him. Kevin caught steadily all day and weighed 49lb 12oz. Would just like to mention that Dave Agass got very close today to getting his first pound from me this summer but I had a late run of fish to just pip him again.

the lake at old stables
Old Stables North Walsham

1st Dave Edgerton 70lb 12oz

2nd Mark Charlwood 63lb 8oz

3rd Kevin Lawson 49lb 12oz

4th Mark Seaman 40lb 4oz

5th Mike Dossena 34lb 12oz

6th Mark Harmer 33lb 8oz

7th Dave Agass 32lb 4oz

8th Dave Gipson 29lb 8oz

9th Dave Dearman 17lb

10th Trevor Dodson 16lb

11th John Higgingson 10lb 8oz

There was 3 D.N.W’s today.

Next week it’s back to Reepham on the bungalow lake. See you all there.

Glen Farm, Metton Sunday 28th May 2017

winner with fish
Kevin Lawson with his winning bag of sliver fish

Glenn Farm Metton was the venue for round 11. 12 members turned out today and as everybody said at the start it would be a hard day, and so it proved with 4 people not weighing in. So with the bacon roll ordered it was time to go. 1st place this week was last weeks runner up Kevin Lawson. Kevin weighed 17lb 12oz of all silvers from peg 10  on the back side  so well done Kevin. 2nd place was Mike Dossena. Mike fished peg 4 and weighed 13lb 14oz well done Michael. 3rd place was Trevor Dodson.Trevor fished peg 11 and weighed 10lb 8oz. Well done Trevor. It was a very hard days fishing.

1st Kevin Lawson 17lb 12oz

Glen Farm Lake

2nd Mike Dossena 13lb 14oz

3rd Trevor Dodson 10lb 8oz

4th Mark Harmer 10lb

5th Dave Edgerton 9lb

6th Terry Smith 8lb

7th Tony Wilkinson 6lb 1oz

8th Dave Dearman 1lb 10oz

And 4 D.N.W’s.

Next week it’s back to the Old Stables.

See you all there.

Holly Farm Sunday 21st May 2017

winner with carp
Winner at Holly Farm Mark Harmer with his “zoo creature” 15lb 4oz

Round 10 of the summer series today was held at Holly Farm South Walsham. 20 members turned out for this one. Every peg except one was in. With the weather much warmer than of late it look like being a good day (if you drew the right peg).With everybody ready, it was time to see who had all the fish. This week saw Mark Harmer climb 2 places from third to first, Mark fished peg 15 on the far side and caught steadily for the first 2 and a half hours with one zoo creature weighing 15lb 4oz then only caught 3 more fish. Mark weighed 43lb 12oz. Well done Mark. 2nd place this week goes to last weeks winner Kevin Lawson. Kevin fished peg 6 and caught fish all day and weighed 37lb 12oz. 3rd this week was Mark Seaman. Mark fished peg 3 and caught for most of the day and weighed 33lb 14oz.(you can’t keep him down for long). Everybody else had some fish but it’s still way short of what it used to fish like.

1st Mark Harmer 43lb 12oz

lake at Holly Farm
The Lake at Holly Farm, South Walsham

2nd Kevin Lawson 37lb 12oz

3rd Mark Seaman 33lb 14oz

4th Dave Edgerton 23lb 12oz

5th Mike Dossena 23lb 4oz

6th Ash Dennington 21lb 12oz

7th Tony Wilkinson 19lb 10oz

8th Dennis Willis 16lb 8oz

9th Trevor Dodson 15lb 8oz

10th Dave Dearman 15lb 6oz

11th john Hehir 14lb

12th Dave Paynter  13lb

13th Roger Farmer 9lb 12oz

14th Terry Smith 6lb 4oz

15th Dave Agass 5lb 4oz

16th Dave Gipson 4lb

17th Mark Charlwood 3lb 4oz

And there were 3D.N.W’s this week.

Next week it’s back to Glenn Farm Merton. Don’t forget your bacon roll money.

See you all there.

Melton Ponds 4 – Sunday 14-5-17

Melton Ponds No 4 gave up 118lb to the winner

Round 9 today in the summer series was at Melton Pond 4.  14 members made the long drive this week. The weather this week was for rain first then nice sunshine and that’s how it pans out. The sun was definitely shining on this weeks winner. Kevin Lawson was celebrating his birthday and the fish came to the party too. Kevin fished peg 14 on the far side and weighed a very good 118lb dead.That’s what you call a birthday, well done Kevin, even if you did put them back before I had taken a photo! 2nd place this week was Terry Smith. Terry was fishing peg 12 in the far side and caught some nice carp for 39lb 12oz. Well done Terry. 3rd place was Mark Harmer again. Mark fished peg 2 on the car park side and weighed 36lb 8oz. There was 4 D.N.W’s this week but everyone else caught some fish. Dave Edgerton done his usual walk round because he couldn’t get a bite and ended with 6. Maybe we should all try his tactics.

1st Kevin Lawson 118lb

2nd Terry Smith 39lb 12oz

3rd Mark Harmer 36lb 8oz

4th Dave Edgerton 33lb

5th Dave Agass 28lb 8oz

6th Mike Dossena 26lb 8oz

7th Mark Charlwood 24lb 9oz

8th John Higgingson 17lb 4oz

9th Roger Farmer 13lb 10oz

10th Dave Paynter 6lb 12oz

4 D.N.W’s

Next week it’s back to Holly Farm South Walsham. See you all there.

Sunday 7th May Reepham Bungalow Lake

dennis with some of his fish
Dennis Willis with part of his winning catch

Round 8 of the summer series took us to Reepham. This is a new venue on our summer calendar. 20 members turn out for this one, the most so far. With the weather being a little chilly and the match weights a little low from the Saturdays match, every one was a little unsure what it would fish like. Never the less it was time to see who would be on the fish. As it turned out it was Dennis Willis who had all the fish, and ran away with it. Dennis fished peg 29 and weighed a very good 92lb 2oz for first place. 2nd place goes to Mr Mark Charlwood. Mark fished peg 9 and weighed 61lb 2oz. 3rd place goes to Mark Harmer. Mark drew the flyer (so the owner said) so I guess I messed it up. Mark fished peg 27 and weighed 34lb 6oz. Everybody caught fish but it was not as good as we thought it would be. Roll on the summer.

1st Dennis Willis 92lb 2oz

bungalow lake Reepham
Reepham Bungalow Lake

2nd Mark Charlwood 61lb 2oz

3rd Mark Harmer 34lb 6oz

4th Mark Seaman 29lb 4oz

5th Graham ?         27lb 15oz

6th Mike Dossena 26lb 11oz

7th Dave Dearman 26lb 6oz

8th Ash Dennington 21lb 15oz

9th Dave Paynter 20lb

10th Kevin Lawson 19lb 6oz

11th Tony Wilkinson 19lb

12th Dave Edgerton 17lb 15oz

13th Dave Gipson 16lb

14th Alex Watson 12lb 6oz

15th Dave Agass 8lb 8oz

16th Terry Smith 7lb 5oz

17th John Higgingson 7lb 4oz

And 3 D.N.W’s this week.

Next week is another long drive to Melton ponds, see you all there.

Bartles Lodge Sunday 30th April 2017

alex with his catch
Alex Watson with part of his winning catch
The lake at Bartles Lodge

Round 7 today was held at Bartles Lodge in Elsing. With the very cold week nobody was sure how it would fish. 13 members made the long trip this week. With the draw done it was the venue expert Alex Watson who won this week. For once Alex was not on peg 4 instead he drew peg 10. Alex had a very slow start but really finished strong and ended up weighing 115lb 6oz. 2nd place was Mike Dossena. Mike caught fish from the of for most of the match but it slowed down in last hour and half. Mike weighed 107lb 4oz from peg 12 unlucky Mike. 3rd was the draw specialist Mark Seaman. Mark fished peg 11 and weighed 78lb 13oz. Well done to them. Overall it fished quite well. Sorry about the photo bomber on the photo. Next week it of to Reepham. See you all there.

1st Alex(The Bandit) Watson 115lb 6oz

2nd Mike Dossena 107lb 4oz

3rd Mark Seaman 78lb 13oz

4th Mark Charlwood 72lb 12oz

5th Mark Harmer 64lb 9oz

6th Dave Agass 58lb 12oz

7th Tony Wilkinson 37lb 12oz

8th Roger Farmer 34lb 12oz

9th Dave Edgerton 33lb 5oz

10th Trevor Dodson 31lb

11th Dave Dearman 22lb 6oz

12th Dave Paynter 20lb 8oz

Only one D.N.W this week.