Old Stables Sunday 3rd September 2017

Mark Charlwood winner at Old Stables

Round 25 comes from The Old Stables North Walsham. 14 members turned out this week. With overcast conditions everybody was hoping for a few fish especially after last week. It was Mark Charlwood who came out in top place this week. Mark fished peg 3 and weighed 29lb 12oz well done Mark. Second goes to Mark Seaman. Mark fished peg 6 and weighed 27lb 14oz. Third goes to Dave Paynter. Dave fished peg 10 and weighed 25lb 8oz so very close for them 3 but a real struggle for the rest. Overall it fished very hard.

1st Mark Charlwood 29lb 12oz

2nd Mark Seaman 27lb 14oz

3rd Dave Paynter 25lb 8oz

4th John Hahir 19lb 12oz

5th Terry Smith 17lb 14oz

6th Trevor Dodson 14lb 12oz

7th Dave Edgerton 14lb 3oz

8th Kevin Lawson 13lb 12oz

9th Dave Dearman 12lb 9oz

10th John Higgingson 10lb 10oz

11th Dave Agass 9lb 13oz

12th Tony Wilkinson 9lb 8oz

13th Dave Gipson 9lb 2oz

14th Mark Harmer 6lb 4oz

Yes I was last but someone has to come last lol.

Next week its of to Colton on the Barford complex. No report for the next 2 weeks as I’m on my hols see you all at Reepham.