Old Stables North Walsham – Sunday 18th March 2018

Mark Harmer this weeks winner sometime after the match
So today was the first summer match of 2018, at The Old Stables. The weather on the other hand thought different as temperatures took a big plunge to sub zero again. With over night snow and more forecast the numbers were down to 10 crazy fools. Today’s winner was Mark Harmer who drew peg 1 in the deep water. Mark fished the maggot feeder all day and weighed 8lb 8oz. 2nd goes to Dave Agass who was on peg 5 on the far side and caught fish late in the match for 4lb 8oz.3rd place was Mark Charlwood. Mark was on peg 16 and weighed 4lb dead. The weights were well done to what they are normally even this time of year. We need the sun to shine all week so we can hopefully have some better weights next week.
1st Mark Harmer 8lb 8oz
2nd Dave Agass 4lb 8oz
3rd Mark Charlwood 4lb
4th Mike Dossena 3lb 4oz
5th Tony Wilkinson 3lb
6th Dave Edgerton 0lb 11oz
7th Terry Smith 0lb 4oz
8th Trevor Dodson 0lb 2oz
And there was 2 D.N.W’s
Next week it’s of to Melton pond 4
See you all there, don’t forget to call Dave for a chance to fish.