Melton Ponds – Sunday 25th March 2018

Mark Harmer makes it 2 wins on the spin at Melton
Round 2 of the summer series was at Melton Pond 4. 13 members made the long drive today. With the forecast set to be much warmer than last week some were looking forward to the 5 hours fishing, and some were not. With the draw done and everyone ready it was time to see who would be victorious this week. Once again it was Mark Harmer who ran away with things for his second win on the bounce. Mark caught carp steadily all day at 14m dobbing bread for a total weight of 47lb 8oz. First time I’ve done 2 wins back to back. 2nd place goes to Tony Wilkinson. Tony caught 4 big carp right near the end and weighed 29lb 8oz fishing bread again. Mark Charlwood made the frame again this week with 12lb 6oz for 3rd. It fished very hard again because of the cold weather. Some people had 1 fish and some had none, things can only improve in the coming weeks. Next up it’s cobbleacre. See you all there. Don’t forget to call Dave for a chance to fish.
1st Mark Harmer 47lb 8oz
2nd Tony Wilkinson 29lb 8oz
3rd Mark Charlwood 12lb 6oz
4th Dave Agass 8lb 14oz
5th Mark Seaman 7lb 14oz
6th Jon Burton 5lb 12oz
7th Dave Edgerton 4lb 7oz
8th Trevor Dodson 4lb 4oz
9th= Dave Dearman 0lb 2oz
Terry Smith 0lb 2oz
And 3 D’N’W’s