Melton Ponds 4 – Sunday 25th August 2019

Melton Pond 4 was the venue on a very hot summer day.

16 members made the long trip this week and everyone was hoping to have a nice day fishing but it didn’t turn out quite that way as it fished very hard.

Dennis Willis was this week’s winner weighing 43lb dead from peg 6.

Mark Charlwood was fishing peg 19 and weighed 32lb 13oz for second place this week.

And third place goes to Mark Harmer who was fishing peg 12 and weighed 32lb 6oz.

This week there were two swimmers. Trevor Dodson told me at the end that his peg was disturbed mid way through the match with Mr Gipson doing the breast stroke come doggy paddle after his top kit.

Also at the end of the match Mark Seaman took to the water to retrieve Mr Mark C ‘s top kit.

1st Dennis Willis 43lb

2nd Mark Charlwood 32lb 13oz

3rd Mark Harmer 32lb 6oz

4th Mark Seaman 22lb 4oz

5th Dave Paynter 19lb 13oz

6th Trevor Dodson 16lb 9oz

7th Jon Burton 14lb 4oz

8th Tony Wilkinson 13lb

9th Dave Dearman 12lb 2oz

10th Dave Edgerton 11lb

11th Alex Watson 9lb 4oz

12th Dave Gipson 8lb 3oz

13th Dave Agass 7lb 3oz

14th Mike Dossena 5lb 4oz

And two D’N’Ws

Next week it’s off to the very prolific Bartles Lodge

See you all there!

And don’t forget to call Dave to see if there are any spaces.