Melton Pond 4

Sunday the 22nd March

mark Harmer winner this week
Mark Harmer – first win of the summer 63lb 6oz at Melton ponds

Melton Pond 4 was the venue this week.

Only 10 members made this week due to the Chinese Coronavirus flu.

So we decided to have 5 pegs on each side so everybody had plenty of room.

With a stiff breeze blowing from the East we all were expecting a difficult day as it is not the easiest place to fish any time but the sun was shining lovely.

Mark Harmer pulled peg 14 out of the bag and ran out a comfortable winner catching 10 carp for a total weight of 63lb 6oz mostly caught tight across. Well done, Mark!

Second place for a second week running was the inform Dave Agass who caught 3 big carp to weigh 28lb 8oz. Well done again, Dave!

Third place this’d week goes to Mark Charlwood who also caught 3 carp to weigh 22lb 2oz . Well done , Mark!

And everybody else struggled for bites with only the odd fish caught .

1st Mark Harmer 63lb 6oz

2nd Dave Agass 28lb 8oz

3rd Mark Charlwood 22lb 2oz

4th Trevor Dodson 12lb 8oz

5th Mark Seaman 12lb 4oz

6th Jon Burton 9lb 8oz

7th Dave Paynter 4lb 12oz

8th Dave Dearman 0lb 4oz

And two D’N’Ws this week

Next week it is back to Barford pleasure lake. As long as we are allowed to leave our houses. Fingers crossed ?

Hope to see you all there and stay safe!

Don’t forget to contact Dave to see if there are any places available.