Melton Pond 4 – Sunday 26th August 2018

Mark Harmer continues his winning run at Melton Ponds in the rain this week

Round 23 this week was at a very wet Melton Pond 4. 14 members made the trip this week. With a drop in temperature over night everybody’s thoughts were that it maybe a little hard. And it proved to be very hard. With the draw done and everyone ready it was time. Once again this week it was the in form Mark Harmer who narrowly ran out the winner for a fifth match running. Mark weighed 49lb 3oz from peg 14. Mark fished tight across to the island with pellets. Can anybody stop him (trust me it won’t last). 2nd place goes to Andy Dicken. Andy fished the end peg in the top corner and weighed 47lb. 3rd place was Tony Wilkinson. Tony was on the car park side and weighed 28lb. Well done to them. Everybody else had a very hard days fishing. This pond is hard most times but it was very hard today.

1st Mark Harmer 49lb 3oz

2nd Andy Dicken 47lb

3rd Tony Wilkinson 28lb

4th Matt Jeffries 24lb 8oz

5th John Higgingson 23lb 8oz

6th Dennis Willis 17lb 6oz

7th Trevor Dodson 16lb 9oz

8th Dave Edgerton 14lb 7oz

9th Dave Agass 14lb 5oz

10th Jon Burton 13lb 4oz

11th Mark Charlwood 11lb 2oz

There was 3 D’N’W’s this week.

Next week it’s back to Bartles Lodge.

See you all there.