Melton pond 4 – Sunday 22nd July 2018

Mark Charlwood won at Melton Pond this week – although he doesn’t seem to happy about it!

Melton Pond 4 was the venue for round 18 of the summer series. 18 members made the trip today which is very good turn out. With another hot day ahead and plenty of fish cruising we were all hoping for a few fish in the net. First place this week was Mark Charlwood. Mark was on peg 10 (our pegs) and caught some big carp across to the island for 52lb 12oz. Not bad Mark seeing as you don’t like this place very much! In second place again this week was Mark Harmer. Mark was on peg 13 which on he day was the end peg again. Mark caught some small carp across to the island shallow and had some better fish down the edge at the end. Mark weighed 47lb 8oz (getting closer to 1st). 3rd goes to Trevor Dodson. Trevor was on peg 6 and caught across to the island for a weight of 37lb 3oz. A big well done to them three. It didn’t fish as good as we all thought it would with most struggling for a bite.
1st Mark Charlwood 52lb 12oz
2nd Mark Harmer 47lb 8oz
3rd Trevor Dodson 37lb 3oz
4th Jon Burton 32lb 4oz
5th Dennis Willis 28lb 2oz
6th Dave Edgerton 27lb
7th Mark Seaman 25lb 8oz
8th Dave Gipson 19lb 2oz
9th Terry Smith 10lb 4oz
10th Chris Tims 9lb
11th Dave Paytner 8lb 14oz
12th Mike Dossena 8lb 2oz
13th Matt Jeffery’s 7lb 12oz
14th Tony Wilkinson 6lb 12oz
15th Dave Agass 5lb 1oz
16th John Higgingson 3lb 4oz
17th Dave Dearnan 3lb 3oz
And one D’N’W this week.
Next week it’s off to Railway in the Barford complex. See you all there.