Holly Farm Sunday 15th April 2018

Alex Watson wins at Holly Farm

Round 5 of the summer series comes from Holly Farm, South Walsham. There was a very good turn out for this one which was quite a surprise to a lot of people. The the forecast set to be very warm and everyone was little upbeat but as normal the sun never came out all day, but it did stay dry. The winner this week was the bandit himself Alex Watson. Alex only pulled peg 5 out of the bag which is the flyer, and caught through out the day to weigh 23lb 8oz which is quite a low weight if you remember what this place used to fish like. 2nd goes to Mr Consistent Mark Charlwood. Mark fished peg 21 which is normally a bad area but he had a run of nice carp down the edge near the end to weigh 20lb 12oz. 3rd place goes to Dennis Willis who also caught fish down the edge and weighed 15lb 12oz. The weights are still quite low. We need the sun to shine.

1st Alex (the bandit) Watson 23lb 8oz

2nd Mark Charlwood 20lb 12oz

3rd Dennis Willis 15lb 12oz

4th Dave Gipson 15lb 8oz

5th Dave Agass 15lb

6th Trevor Dodson 13lb 10oz

7th Mark Seaman 13lb 4oz

8th Terry Smith 11lb 4oz

9th Matthew Jeffries 11lb

10th Tony Wilkinson 10lb 5oz

11th Dave Edgerton 7lb 12oz

12th Mike Dossena 7lb 9oz

13th Mark Harmer 4lb 4oz

14th Dave Dearman 3lb 6oz

15th Jon Burton 2lb 4oz

There was 3 D’N’W’s this week.

Next week it’s off to the very very prolific Bartles Lodge for the first fish race of the summer.

See you all there.