Club Rules

Stalham Angling Club Rules

1. The name of the Club shall be the Stalham & District Angling Club, hereinafter referred to as The Club.
2. The object of the Club shall be to provide the facilities of an Angling Club for it’s members, including the organisation  and  provision  of angling , and to promote the best interests of anglers and angling.
3. membership
The Club shall  consist  of   the following classes of membership :
Adult Members
Junior members
Senior citizens
Disabled members
Honorary members
4. Limitation of membership and age limits of juniors to be decided at Annual General meetings.
5. Application for  new membership must be made in writing to the Secretary and the application will be vetted by  the Committee.
6. The management of the Club shall be vested in the officers & Committee.
7. Officers
The officers of the  Club  shall consist of: President, Vice president, Chairman,  Secretary , Treasurer ,            Match   Secretary,        Plus  three  Ordinary Members,  all  of  whom shall be   elected at  the Annual    General  Meeting.
8. Subscriptions
The annual Subscription   for  club Membership shall be such sum as  the   Committee  shall   have    determined to be necessary for the proper running of the Club, and put before members at the Annual General Meeting for ratification,  membership subscriptions shall be payable on or before 1 st May.
9. Expulsion
The Committee may expel from the Club any member for conduct which in their opinion, is injurious to the interests of the Club or it’s objects or members or angling.  Before expelling a member, the Committee shall enquire into his/her conduct and they shall be given a reasonable opportunity to defend  or justify his/herself either in writing, or by appearing before the Committee as he/she shall elect.
10. The A.G.M shall be held on the 3rd Tuesday in March each year to receive the annual account and   Balance sheet as prepared by the Treasurer.. To appoint Officers,   to fill vacancies on the Committee and to decide any resolution submitted by the Committee or membership.
Junior members are not allowed to vote at any A.G.M..
11. Trustees
Two trustees of the Club to be elected at the A.G.M. annually.
12. Auditors
Two auditors to be elected at the   A.G.M annually
13. Proposals for Annual General  Meeting must be received by the  Secretary, in writing , 21 days prior to the AGM, Amendments only to these will be heard from the floor.
14. Dissolution
The Club may , at a General Meeting by a majority resolution of it’s members present and voting agree to it’s dissolution. Notice of such meeting and shall not be given not less than 21 days  before the date of such a meeting , and shall include a notice of the proposed dissolution.
The Financial year runs from March 1st to February 28..

Club rules

1.  All members must possess a  current .
Environment  Agency Licence
2. To honour the country code at all times.
3. Club meetings to be held on the 1st Tuesday of the months of  April,( membership meeting,) May, July,   September,  November, January,& March
A G M 3rd Tuesday of March
All meetings  at the HARNSER, PUBLIC HOUSE,  SUTTON  at 8pm.
4. Strictly no litter to be left anywhere at any time.
5. Starting  times  of  all  matches to be decided at A G M  subject to venue rules
6. A minimum of five members constitutes a competition.
7. The Match Secretary on the day will adjudicate in any disputes arising in any match/competition.
8. All organised Club events shall be pegged down
9. All organised Club Events being open to members shall  count  towards the points Club Championship.
10. Pairs and Singles Knock-out  competitions to be fished on the dates shown in the fixture list. These matches will only be fished on the SUNDAYS  dated. Failure to turn up will mean elimination from the respective competition.

11. You can plumb the depth of water before the whistle,
12. you can put your keepnet in before the whistle.
13. you can make up more than one rod or pole.
14. all match pegs, where available must be booked with
Match Secretary.
Book or cancel by WED preceding match , or you may be liable to pay peg fee. If it cannot be filled.
15. Blood worm and Joker banned from all Club matches.

16. If toilets are available at venues please use .THIS IS A SERIOUS REFLECTION ON THE CLUB any member not complying could face expulsion from the club.

BOATYARD STALHAM additional rules
1. You must be polite to passing craft on rivers  and  in boatyard.
2. Fenders must not be lifted at any time , or you will be disqualified from the weigh-in and face dismissal from the Club.
3. No bait to be projected onto boats; if the wind takes bait onto boats ; please ensure you clean it off.
4. Toilets in Boatyard from October to March , Key will be available,
Subject to boatyard rules.