Boatyard 8 – Sunday 19th November 2017

this weeks winning angler
Trevor Dodson this weeks winner relaxing after his hard match!

Bright sunshine, blue sky, light winds and a heavy frost was the weather that greeted the 19 anglers competing this Sunday, which didn’t fill many with confidence about the fishing. This was proved right, and many of the field struggled for a bite. Trevor Dodson was tucked in on the bottom left side of the Crane Basin and had bites all day for 5lb 8oz and first place this week. He was followed  by Dave Edgerton who caught at 10m at the top left of the Gate Basin and put 4lb on the scales for 2nd. Then we switch back to the right side of the Crane in a long open water stretch where Roger Farmer had 3 good skimmers in the first part of the match for 3lb 10oz and 3rd place. There were 7 blanks this week with several noted pegs failing to produce (just ask Dave Gipson!). Let us hope for a change in wind direction and weather conditions to get the fish feeding again – even if it is only in Mark Harmers peg!! Next week is the 2nd round of the Singles KO see below for who you have Drawn against. See you there……

This weeks section winners:

Pegs  1- 4       Roger Farmer

pegs  5 – 9      Dave Dearman

Pegs 10 – 13   Trev Dodson

Pegs 14 – 17  Bernie Clark

Pegs 18 – 20  Dave Edgerton


26-Nov 2017
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jon burton
dave paynter
mike brown
mchael tims
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roger farmer
trevor dodson
dave dearman
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