Boatyard 7 – Sunday 17th November 2019

Harry Barron won from Goose Green with 5lb 12oz

Sunday was virtually windless with cloud cover most of the day and no frost – pretty good winter fishing conditions you would think, and how wrong could you be………

The boatyards showed their harder side this weekend with nearly everyone struggling for bites for the first 2 hours and even then the only place which slowly came to life was the Gate basin.

Harry Barron drew peg 17 on then grass at goose green and had a great match compared to most with small fish coming steadily after the first hour to give him 5lb 12oz for a runaway win on the day.

Chasing hard after a 2 hr wait for bites was Dave Edgerton on peg 16 further down the gate where he had 4lb 1oz for 2nd

Then came Ian Jones with 3 lb dead from the right hand end of the Gate basin. Ian had a long wait before the fish turned up with about an hour and a half left in the match.

Colin won his section with his last minute roach

Out of a field of 26 half blanked! In the Crane basin 10 out the 12 anglers blanked. John Hehir on peg 2 was over the moon with the small perch he caught from next to the boards, but then Mr Jonas rained on his parade with a 3oz roach caught just 10 mins from the whistle. Martin Littlefield must be this weeks unluckiest angler – he caught a small perch from his peg next to the boat on the left hand end of the Crane, went to swing it to hand, and had to watch in horror as the £20 section winner dropped off, back into the water!!!!!

Why did the boatyard fish so poorly? Where do the fish go to? Are they just there and not feeding? Perhaps all will be back to normal next week for the 2nd round of the Singles KO……….See you there……..