Boatyard 7 -Singles KO 2nd Rnd

Sunday 14th Novemember 2021

Chris Tims wins with 4lb 6oz (going for the soft focus photo to make me look younger!! No comments!)

A damp grey autumnal day welcomed the 20 anglers who arrived for this Sundays contest. There was the usual discussion about pegging and, after last weeks dire results on the Crane, would it be included? In the light of up to date info (Roger fished it Saturday and caught) it was put in and in truth it fished about as well as the rest of the boatyard! Prolific fishing it ain’t at the moment – more like endurance and suvival of the most stubborn.

Chris Tims was back this week drawing peg 19 in the big basin. He managed to snare 3 large (ish) skimmers on the waggler in the middle of the match to go with his 9 other tiny fish for 4lb 6oz and 1st place.

Dave Dearman was on peg 18 in the big basin and also had a large skimmer on the whip plus a net of small fish to put 3lb 12oz on the scales for 2nd. Meanwhile in the Crane Ian Jones took 3rd place with 3lb 3oz all caught in the last 1,5hrs of the match.

There were 5 blanks this week including 2 on the jetties!!!! and also an oddity in the form of a TENCH which Pete Sutton caught as part of his section winning bag off the 4th jetty.

So its anyones guess where the weights will come from next week there doesn’t seem to be much to go on apart from you can be sure it won’t be easy at the moment, but things can change (hopefully)………..See you there

Pegging map 14-11-21
Results 14-11-21
Singles KO 2nd Rnd results