Boatyard 6 – 1st Rnd Singles KO Sunday 5th November 2017

this weeks winner
Denny Hammond celebrates his win this week

The weather turned quite a bit cooler over the past week with a chilly north westerly wind which reduced the weights to the lowest so far this winter.  Still, a good turnout of 25 anglers lined up for the all important draw. Denny Hammond was on the left hand end of the Gate Basin and caught from the off to produce this weeks meagre winning weight of 5lb 13oz. He was followed closely by the in-form Mark Harmer who had 5lb 12oz (bet he dropped some fish) from his peg in front of the offices on the Big Basin. Matt Rowntree was just up the left side of the Crane and had 4lb 5oz for 3rd. So 3 frame places from 3 different Basins so you would think the fish were well spread! WRONG! Out of 7 anglers on the Crane Basin 4 blanked! On the Gateout of 9 pegs, apart from the 2 pegs on the end, no one broke 1lb! Only on the big basin were there reasonable numbers of fish and all 9 people caught with the average being a massive 2lb+. Hopefully things will improve in the coming weeks but there are no guarantees…..One thing is for certain, no one knows which peg will win the next match …… see you there

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This weeks section winners

1 –  4          Ash Dennington

5  –  8          Matt Rowntree

9  – 13        Trev Dodson

14  –  17     Denny Hammond

18  –  21    Mark Harmer

22  –  26    John Higginson