Boatyard 5 Sunday 29th October 2017

this weeks match winner
Steve Jackman wins this week from the Big Basin

So I am guessing that the weather at the boatyard this week was very similar to the weather where I was fishing which was blustery showers with a chilly northwest wind. These conditions have subdued the weights this week but didn’t put off the competitors, with a turnout of 22. This week it was a a very close match, with the frame all coming from different areas. The in-form  Steve Jackman followed up his section wins of the last 2 weeks with first place this week weighing in 9lb 13oz from the 2nd Jetty in the Big Basin. Tony Wilkinson fills the 2nd spot with 9lb 8oz from the top of the Big Basin. Then up on peg 1 at the top of the Crane basin, last weeks winner, Dave Edgerton had 9lb 2oz for third. So it appears that hard but fair might be the best way to describe the way it fished  and with colder weather being forecast who knows how it will be next week? I personally would like to book my place on the 2nd jetty please, but the chances of that happening are slim to non existent! 1st round of the singles KO next Sunday…….. see you there……..

Section Winners

1 –  7    Dave Edgerton

8 –  12  Mark Harmer

13 – 16  Dave Easter

17 – 20  Trev Dodson

21 – 23  Tony Wilkinson

24 – 27  Steve Jackman