Boatyard 22 Sunday 8th March 2020

Denny Hammond wins with 13lb 3oz

This was the last match of the winter season at the boatyards which has been one of the poorest winters I can remember. Although don’t forget we had one match with 2 bream nets over 20lb and 1 of 38lb+ with several other double figure backing weights! So what went wrong? We can talk about that for ever and never really know. Just let us hope it is a one off aberration and come next October the fishing will return to the excellent level we are more used to.

Back to Sundays match – with the weather forecast predicting wind and rain the turnout was predictably low and only 8 deciding to attend. As it turned out the weather was windy but the rain was replaced by sun and even more surprising the fishing was reasonable!!! Everyone caught (haven’t been able to say that for a while) and Denny Hammond made the most of his draw on the left hand end of the Gate Basin (again) for a runaway win with 13lb 3oz

Chris Tims was in 2nd place with 7lb 3oz from peg 16 up the right side of the gate and Tony Wilkinson was 3rd with 5lb 8oz from the end of the Crane Basin.

So that wraps up another Winter at the boatyards – thanks must go, as always, to Colin Jonas for all his hard work organising and running these matches.

Don’t forget the AGM on Tuesday 17th March 2020 8PM at The Harnser

See you there……….

Results 8-3-20
Pegging 8-3-20