Boatyard 20 – Singles KO Final – 25th February 2018

Chris Tims was on the flyer this week winning with 13oz!!!

Bright sunshine and a bitter east wind was the order of the day at the yards this week, but no hard frost. BUT, we thought it had been grim the last couple of weeks, this week was one of the lowest weight matches for years. Out of the 13  certifiable regulars who turned out only FOUR caught anything! Chris Tims was the on the “flyer” at the right hand end of the Gate Basin this week and duly won with 20 fish for 13oz!!!! Next to him was Colin Jonas on the left hand side who had 8 fish for 3oz and 2nd place. Just up the right side of the Gate was Dave Dearman who had 2 tiny fish in the last hour for 1oz he shared 3rd place with Billy Plummer who had 1 fish for 1oz on the end of the Crane Basin. This was the only fish caught on the Crane Basin this week.

Chris with his fluoro pinkie pike

Chris also had a pike in the first hour of the match on a single fluoro pinkie on a 24 hook which gave him a few moments of excitement before he netted it and then returned it further up the Basin. So with his 3rd place Dave Dearman moves to within 2 points of Trevor Dodson at the top of the points table and it is all to play for next week on the final winter points match. Talking of the “master of the pick up” AKA Trev Dodson, he was in a section which blanked this week and had to be drawn for – highest number wins etc – (I am sure you are all ahead of me here) and yes Trev picked up that section!!!! The man wins even when he catches nothing!!!! Every Match since Christmas Eve – unbelievable!! The Singles KO Final was also a washout with both anglers blanking in the same section so I am not sure how they will decide that – no doubt all will be revealed. I will have to try to summon some enthusiasm for next weeks match even with the forecast of an arctic blast this week………. See you there…….maybe!?!

Section Winners this week

Pegs 4 – 6                               Billy Plummer

Pegs 12 – 15 Drawn for      Trevor Dodson

Pegs 17 – 19                          Chris Tims

Pegs 20 – 22 Drawn for      Dave Agass