Boatyard 2 David King Bowl – Sunday 14th October 2018

The weather forecast was not great for this Sundays match but it turned out to be not as bad as they thought although it did rain and blow  a bit in the afternoon.  The conditions obviously suited the fish as the weights were noticeably up on last week with half the field having more than 9lb. The Crane Basin was the place to be: Denny Hammond on the left end of the Crane had a good day with some quality skimmers in his 15lb 6oz  winning net. Then further up the right side towards the river was Roger Farmer on peg 3 with 13lb 14oz for 2nd place. Chris Tims was back towards the bottom of about a third of the way up the Crane Basin on the right side where he had 12lb 6oz for 3rd. The lowest weight in the Crane this week was 7lb 4oz off peg 1 and  last week that was where all the fish were! (unlucky Mike). Elsewhere Mr Harmer continued building the “superstar” legend with another section win off the right end of the Gate Basin with 9lb 12oz but we have no idea what was wrong with John Hehir’s peg just up the left side of the Gate Basin where he struggled for a 1lb. You can’t catch them if they are not there (Doesn’t help does it). We will have to wait and see what next week brings…….. see you there

Section Winners This Week

Pegs 1 –  5         Roger Farmer

Pegs 6 – 10       Denny Hammond

Pegs 13 – 16     Mark Charlwood

Pegs 17 – 20     Mark Harmer