Boatyard 2 David King Bowl

Sunday 10th October 2021

Trevor Dodson wins this week (Old Photo sorry)

There was a field of 18 for this Sundays match at the boatyards, which provided some better fishing than last week. Trevor Dodson managed to get himself an end peg (no jetties in the bag yet) and from peg 25 on the big basin proceeded to win with 11lb 9oz. He was closely followed by Dave Edgerton who was on peg 4 in the Crane Basin where he had 11lb 4oz with Mark Tricker on peg 2 coming 3rd with 9lb 4oz.

There were some good backing weights with half the field catching over 5lb so maybe things are looking up a 3lb 3oz bream being caught gives us all hope. Sorry the report is a bit short this week but I am a lacking a few details as I wasn’t there – thanks to my car deciding to die on the NDR. Hopefully next week will be better and maybe I can actually make it to the match!!!!! ……….. see you there.

Pegging map
Results sheet