Boatyard 18 – Sunday 11th February 2018

Dave Agass gets his first win of the winter this week

There was a field of 17 for this Sundays Match; it is amazing how we all keep turning up for our weekly dose of pain and frustration. With no frost but a strong gusty cold wind it soon became obvious it was a very “peggy” day with the low weights that have become the norm this year at the yards. Dave Agass recorded his first win of the winter  with just 4 fish for 4lb 13oz and the dubious honour of being the only person to catch on the Crane Basin! Mr Consistent pick-up, Trevor Dodson (who else!) was a very close 2nd with 4lb 10oz from the right end of the Gate Basin with a net of small fish. Trev was regretting the fish he had lost during the match, it is always the fish you lose that cost you money. Dave Edgerton was at the end of the road peg on the Big Basin and had 3lb 12oz for 3rd, again all small fish. The Winter points table is looking quite tight at the top especially as one bad draw can see a big swing in points each week, and with 3 points matches left it would be a brave man who would pick the winner – I only need 3 wins and the leaders to all blank for the next 3 weeks and I ‘ll be there!! Lets just hope we get a few weeks where everyone catches –  that would be an improvement on this weeks 7 blanks out of 17 wouldn’t it. We can dream……… See you there

This weeks Section Winners

Pegs 1 – 5              Dave Agass

Pegs 6 –  8             Matt Jeffreys

Pegs 9 -11             Trev Dodson

Pegs 13 – 17          Mark Charlwood

Pegs 18 – 22          Dave Edgerton