Boatyard 18 – Bill Davies Cup – Sunday 9th February 2020

Despite the weather and dreadful forecast twenty five members turned up to fish. Everyone caught, many in double figures, however Trevor Dodson only caught six gudgeon and everyone cheered!

However then I woke up and heard the wind…… Actually seven were gathered in a tight huddle in the car park to prevent anyone blowing away, one said a full English breakfast beckoned so he vanished (wind assisted), another who shall be nameless (DE), said he would rather go shopping. The magnificent five adjourned to the right hand side of the gate basin and did battle with a variety of species….DD nearest the river had a good perch….eventually…..Martin and Colin had several specimen gudgeon etc, TD and TW had about four pounds of quality small roach. We decided in the spirit of comradeship and men against the elements to declare everyone the winner, except Trevor, he’s got enough points anyway.

An awful day was enjoyed by all. Long live the magnificent five! The spirit of SAC lives on! (Sorry no photos ,no one could stay still enough in the wind.)

[My thanks to TW for the match report this week – as I (CT) thought better of it and stayed in bed!!!!!]