Boatyard 16 – Sunday 28th January 2018

match winning angler
Dave Dearman –  this weeks winner from the Big Basin

18 anglers all thought that this Sunday promised just about perfect conditions, weather wise, for a winter match. Overcast skies, mild rising temperature, and falling barometric pressure plus westerly winds – what more could you want? FISH would be a bonus. Yet again this week the fish (particularly quality samples) were conspicuous by their absence. The Big Basin was the best place to be this week with the top 3 places all coming from there. Dave Dearman once again took 1st place with 8lb 12oz from his peg at the end of the road  by the offices. He was followed by Trevor Dodson (AGAIN!!) who had 7lb from the peg to the right of winner and then 2 further pegs up the basin was Dennis Willis who had 5lb 15oz for 3rd. So Big Basin was sort of ok but on the Gate Basin top weight was 5lb 12oz 8drms from the Mike Dossena who was all on his own at the end of the Basin and the further you went up the basin the less fish there were. John Higginson was having visions of blanking 2 weeks in a row but luckily got his first bite at 1pm!!  On the Crane, Dave Agass was the only person to weigh in in his section with 1lb 10oz and John Burton carried on his picking-up habit winning his section with just 5.5oz. So I don’t know what is occurring with the yards but I doubt if it is likely to improve greatly this year. Maybe we should all try praying to Poisiedon and Neptune and any other God that you feel might help. Failing that I will just have to try to improve my artistic abilities (DRAWING SKILLS) and try again next week………See you there……

This weeks Section Winners

Pegs 1 – 3              Dave Agass

Pegs 4 – 6              John Burton

Pegs 8 –  12           Mike Dossena

Pegs 13 – 15          Dave Edgerton

Pegs 17 – 21          Dave Dearman