Boatyard 16 – Sunday 26th January 2020

Roger Farmer wins this week with 6lb 4oz

14 anglers queued up for the draw on this Sunday morning There was an air of anticipation as the latest news of Roger Farmers 40lb + net of bream from the big basin the day before circulated amongst the group. The favoured pegs were eyed up on the pegging map with many knowing looks and muttered wishes for luck in the draw……..At this point I would like to say that Roger has photographic proof and witnesses of his memorable catch – unfortunately the photo didn’t come through on the email so Rog, if you are reading this, send the pic to admin@stalham and I will put it up straight away!!!!

Anyway, back to the match. Needless to say Roger drew peg 10, 1 peg to the left of where he had his mega catch, and he won the match with 3 skimmers for 6lb 4oz. (John Higginson drew where Roger fished on Saturday and weighed 4oz!!!!)

Denny Hammond was on the 3rd jetty and had 3lb 8oz for second made up of 1 or 2 large skimmers. Tony Wilkinson on peg 1 in the Crane basin had around 90 fish for 2lb 5oz and 3rd place. No one else broke the 1lb barrier and there were 5 DNWs. Mr consistent Trev Dodson thought his luck had run out this week as the blank loomed, but at 1.30pm he caught his first fish and then caught up to the all out for a get out of jail 11oz! Dave Dearman must have wondered what was going on this week as he drew the right hand end of the Gate basin for the THIRD week running, but this week for some reason, the fish were not there and he didn’t get a bite!

Funny old game this fishing!!!!!

Singles KO 4th rnd next week…………..See you there……………….

Results 26-1-20
pegging 26-1-20