Boatyard 15 – Sunday 21st January 2018

Stalham AC match winner dave edgerton
Dave Edgerton wins in the Ice on the Crane Basin

A very sharp frost and a dire weather forecast was enough to restrict the field to 13 for this weeks match. But apart from the ice(!) the weather wasn’t so bad with very light winds and not too much bright sun, but yet again the fish had done a disappearing act. This week we had pegs on all 3 basins but it was a very hard match, with 5 blanks and although the top 3 weights were higher than last week that is nothing to get too excited about. The top 2 this week came off the ends of the Crane basin where Dave Edgerton was on the left hand side. He had to wait until nearly 11am before he started to catch but then he caught steadily for the remaining 3hrs to put an unassailable 6lb 4oz on the scales for 1st place this week. Opposite Dave was the ever consistent Trevor Dodson who also had to wait for the fish to turn up but then caught, just not as fast as the Edge, to end up with 4lb 4oz for second (again) this week. I think that must be 6 pick ups in the last 6 matches for Trevor who is enjoying a real “purple patch” at the moment. The other weights on Sunday were all pretty poor with only the 2 anglers on the end of the Gate basin catching out of the 5 pegged on it (guess who was one of those blanks!!!)  In the Big Basin it was all looking like an ultra low weight section until John Burton turned it upside down with a 1lb 8oz+ skimmer on the waggler  give him a comfortable section win and keep up his run of recent form. So what does next week hold? I have no idea but surely there must be some improvement, I don’t think Mr Higginson or myself can “enjoy” another long 5 hours searching for a bite. still no doubt we will be back to try next week ……See you there………..

Section winners

Pegs 1 – 4        Dave Edgerton

Pegs  9 – 13     Mike Dossena

Pegs  17  -21    John Burton