Boatyard 11 The Pairs Trophy – Sunday 10th December 2017

One of the 1lb + perch that helped his weight
Mike Dossena with his winning catch this week

The weather forecast was a was not pleasant for this Sunday but it was just another wet and windy winters day in the end, not the sub- zero end of the world type weather that was being predicted. Still due to the forecast, a rather depleted field of 13 die hard head cases lined up for the draw. The surprising thing was that most people had quite a reasonable day considering the yards recent form and, out of the eleven who stayed to the bitter end, it was only Mark Harmer who failed to break the pound. I think he must be wearing his “Reepham Head”, keeps on trying for the carp but can’t find any in the Crane Basin!!!! Mike Dossena improved on last week’s 3rd place to get 1st spot this week thanks to a couple of lumpy perch to go with the roach etc, for 8lb 9oz from his peg just up the left side of the Gate Basin. Dave Agass was only 6oz behind from the left hand end of the Gate and put 8lb 3oz on the scales for 2nd place again this week. Tony Wilkinson had 7lb 4oz  for 3rd (only paid 2) from his peg at the top of the open stretch on the left side of the Crane Basin and included several large skimmers in his catch the best of which went 2lb.  Winners of the pairs trophy this year are Mike Dossena and Trevor Dodson with a combined weight of 14lb 5oz


This weeks section winners

Pegs   2 – 5         Chris Tims

Pegs   7 – 11       Dave Edgerton

Pegs 13 – 17       Tony Wilkinson

Pegs 20 – 24       Mike Dossena