Boatyard 1 – Sunday 7th October 2018

So, after a long hot summer series here we are back to basics at the boatyards and after much discussion and rumour about how bad it was going to be it was, surprisingly, quite a reasonable day, with the fish spread around the basins and 9lb plus needed to frame. We will have to see how it all continues but it is looking better than when we finished in March!

A very happy chappie – Mike Dossena wins on the wag with double figures

In the warm October sunshine it was our version of the laughing (ex)police man, Mike Dossena, who gave all of us in his section, at the top of the Crane Basin, a display of how to do it right with the waggler. He amassed a 10lb 14oz winning weight of roach and skimmers over the 5 hours and although he wasn’t laughing all the way, I can tell you he was pretty happy the way things went. I had a close up view from the next peg and got totally battered. (guess who didn’t set up a wag!!!!) In second spot this week was one of the mornings doom and gloom merchants, Mark Harmer, who managed to just beat Dennis Willis off the next peg for second with 9lb 13oz to 9lb 9oz from their pegs halfway up the left side of the Gate Basin. Meanwhile Denny Hammond has already laid a claim on the Bream Trophy with a 3lb lump from the Gate Basin. Last but not least we tried out some new digital scales (made by Fox) courtesy of a friend of John Burton. They seemed to work faultlessly during the weighing in of 12 pegs on the Crane Basin with none of the switching off problems we had with the previous  sets. So now we just need to decide do you want digital  or not? Have a think and give your views next Sunday before the draw….. See you there

This weeks Turnout 17 fished

Section Winners

Pegs 1-5         Mike Dossena

Pegs 8-10       Billy Plummer

Pegs 12-18     John Higginson

Pegs 21 – 25   Mark Harmer