Boat yard 9

28th November 2021

2 wins in a row for Ian Holmes 12lb 3oz off peg 8 on the Gate Basin

Storm Arwen had it’s say with only 13 brave souls prepared to battle the elements.

This at least allowed the Crane basin section to be taken out in lieu of its recent poor form, leaving a section in the Gate basin and two in the big basin.

After last week’s Gate basin results, most were hoping for a draw in there.

The weeks boat movements meant last weeks winning peg was now boats, it didn’t stop Ian Holmes from dishing out another obliteration, this time from further up the right of the basin. His 168 fish went 12-03 for a comfortable win, Dave Dearman finishing second from Gate basin left end with 6-04.

The Big basin continues to be a bit of an enigma, no tench this week though there were several skimmers dotted about, Trev Dodson and Jon Burton claiming those sections with 3-01 and 2-05 respectively.

It’s the Pairs Trophy next week, with hopefully better weather, it’ll be interesting to see if Gate continues its recent form, see you there!

Pegging 28-11-21
Results sheet 28-11-21