Boat Yard 2 – David King Bowl – 8th October 2017

match winner this week
Mark Charlwood, this weeks winner, happy with his victory

Calm overcast conditions greeted the 20 strong field this Sunday and there was an optimistic mood about the way it would fish. The pre-match talk was all of Eels (can be weighed in) and the salt tides which had badly affected the results at Martham on The Broads Open the day before! Peg 1 produced the goods again this week with Mark Charlwood catching a mixed bag of  roach skimmers and perch to put 10lb 6oz together for 1st place. Chris Tims was on peg 2 and caught skimmers and roach for 9lb 3oz and 2nd place  and, to round things off, Denny Hammond on peg 3 had a catch of skimmers and perch for 8lb 1oz for 3rd. So the top of the Crane had a clean sweep, the rest of the Crane and the Gate basin fished quite hard especially if you had boat disturbance but everyone caught and let us hope that the fish may just have been a bit off the feed due to that big salt surge affecting them. (we will see). No doubt we will be back next week to try again…….See you there….

Section winners this week

1 – 5      M. Charlwood           10lb  6oz     CRANE

6 – 10    D. Agass                       3lb 14oz     CRANE

11 – 14 M. Harmer                   7lb 3oz       CRANE

16 – 21  M Dossena                   5lb 6oz       GATE