Boat yard 13 – Single KO 3rd rnd

Sunday 19th January 2022

Happy New Year…………….Hmmmm maybe!

Winner Tony Wilkinson with 1 oz

High hopes and low expectations pretty much summed up the thoughts of the 11 hardy souls that braved the cold but dry forecast in the yards this week. With little or no recent form to go on it was going to be a bit of a lottery, with a section in the gate basin and another in the big basin.

The last match before Christmas saw the top weights come from the big basin stagings and this basin probably had the most colour in the water, though both basins were on the clear side.Tony Wilkinson drew peg 8 the left hand end of gate, a peg which has been pretty consistent over the years, Ian Holmes for company on peg 7.

Early talk (and walks) confirmed it was tough with nobody registering a bite in the first hour. Tony then snared an ounce roach, followed by Ian with a 1/2oz perch an hour later.

At the whistle, they were the only fish caught with the rest of the field remaining bite-less, such a shame the form of the yards since Christmas, whether it’s predation, disturbance or what, nobody really knows.Still could all be different next week, that’s why it’s called fishing and not catching! Happy New Year!!

Results sheet note Ian Holmes (Peg 7) 2nd place not Trev