Bartles Lodge – Sunday 2nd September 2018

Who can stop Harmer?

Mark Harmer (yawn) wins again (getting boring) at Bartles Lodge this week continuing his great run of form.

Round 24 this week comes from the very pretty and prolific Bartles Lodge. 12 members made the journey this week. Very warm weather was forecast for this week which is very welcome. Having made the draw and everyone was ready to see if it would be their lucky week.once again it was Mark Harmer who came out on top again this week. Mark was on peg 10 and caught 56 carp tight down the edge for a winning weight of 133lb 10oz. So that’s now 7 on the trot. 2nd place was the ever consistent Mark Charlwood. Mark was on peg 1 and caught carp steadily all day for a total weight of 102lb 7oz. 3rd place was Dave Dearman.Dave was fishing the hot peg 4. Dave started the match like a man on a mission catching 2 fish before anyone else had put a bait in the water. But unfortunately for him the bits faded but he weighed a very good 76lb which made up for last week when he had to leave early.

Great white hunter searching for his top kit!
Must be here somewhere…….

Must just mention that Mr Agass had to take a dip at the end today to retrieve his number 4 and top kit which went for a swim. And yes he did get it back.



1st Mark Harmer 133lb 10oz
2nd Mark Charlwood 102lb 7oz
3rd Dave Dearman 76lb
4th Matt Jeffreys 46lb 14oz
5th Tony Wilkinson 38lb 8oz
6th Dave Easter 37lb 10oz
7th Trevor Dodson 36lb 15oz
8th Terry Smith 32lb 13oz
9th Jon Burton 22lb 12oz
10th Dave Edgerton 22lb 9oz
11th Andy Dicken 21lb 3oz
12th Dave Agass 18lb 12oz
Next week it’s Colton on the Barford Complex.
See you all there.