Bartles Lodge – Sunday 15th July 2018

Alex Watson winner at Bartles Lodge this week

Round 17 this week was at the very prolific Bartles Lodge. Only 11 members made the trip. With the weather very very hot everyone was hoping for a few bites. Alex (the bandit) Watson drew his favourite peg four out of the bag again and made no mistake. Taking first place once again. Alex fished the edge all day and weighed a very impressive 163lb. Just behind Alex was Mark Harmer who also fished the edge all day and weighed another impressive weight of 155lb 8oz for second. After his win the last time here Mike Dossena had to settle for third this time. Mike weighed 117lb 12oz. Well done to them three. Would just like to mention that Dave Agass got the terrapin cup again this week. Everyone had a good days fishing with the lowest weight being 39lb. The owner said there was over 900lb of fish caught. And not one overweight keepnet.
1st Alex Watson 163lb
2nd Mark Harmer 155lb 8oz
3rd Mike Dossena 117lb12oz
4th Trevor Dodson 100lb 4oz
5th Dave Edgerton 83lb 12oz
6th Mark Charlwood 79lb 8oz
7th Tony Wilkinson 58lb 12oz
8th John Higgingson 56lb 12oz
9th Dave Dearman 44lb 14oz
10th Dave Paynter 43lb 4oz
11th Dave Agass 39lb
Next week it’s back to pond 4 Melton
See you all there.