And we are back………….

Reepham Fishery – Sunday 31-5-20

Reepham fishery was the venue for the first match back after the lockdown.

Alex Watson wins with 307lb 3oz at Reepham

14 members made the trip to this prolific fishery. The weather was very sunny and warm. On arrival we all noticed that the fish had started to spawn so everyone was unsure how it would fish. But we shouldn’t have any doubts as it fished its head off.

Alex Watson was on peg 36 and fished down his right hand margin and caught fish all day which included some very large carp and ended up weighing 307lb 03oz. Lucky old bandit!

Second place goes to Trevor Dodson who fished peg 11 next to the reeds and weighed 236lb 02oz. Well done ,Trevor!

Third place goes to Mark Harmer who fished peg 53 and caught steadily all match and ended up weighing 212lb 05oz. Well done to them three!

There was also another five hundred plus weights.

1st Alex Watson 307lb 03oz

2nd Trevor Dodson 236lb 02oz

3rd Mark Harmer 212lb 05oz

4th Mark Seaman 136lb 13oz

5th Dave Edgerton 136lb 08oz

6th Dave Agass 107lb 11oz

7th Chris Tims 103lb 07oz

8th Mark Charlwood 101lb 10oz

9th Mike Dossena 99lb 05oz

10th Dave Gipson 97lb 01oz

11th Jon Burton 85lb 13oz

12th Dave Paynter 56lb 03oz

13th Adie Hall 46lb 06oz

14th Dave Dearman 34lb

Next week it’s off to the Old Stables in North Walsham

Please, contact Dave to see the availability of spaces.

Stay safe! See you all there!