Barford Match Lake 23rd June 2019

Kevin Lawson Wins at Barford this week

17 members made the trip today all hoping it would be their lucky day fishing with the weather being really pleasant and warm with a little wind.
On arrival there were plenty of fish moving so everyone was expecting to catch after the recent match results.
However, it didn’t turn out to be as easy as we had planned. Everybody caught fish but still some struggled.
First place goes to Kevin Lawson who caught carp all day and weighed 91lb 1oz.
He was closely followed by Alex Watson who was second with 90lb 2oz.
Third place was last week’s winner Mike Dossena who weighed 77lb 8oz
Well done to them three!
1st Kevin Lawson 91lb 1oz
2nd Alex Watson 90lb 2oz
3rd Mike Dossena 77lb 8oz
4th Mark Charlwood 72lb 13oz
5th John Higgingson 56lb 6oz
6th Trevor Dodson 52lb 12oz
7th Mark Harmer 52lb
8th Dave Gipson 51lb 10oz
9th Jon Burton 50lb
10th Dave Paynter 30lb 12oz
11th Dave Agass 29lb 2oz
12th Terry Smith 28lb 12oz
13th Tony Wilkinson 24lb 4oz
14th Ash Dennington 23lb 12oz
15th Dave Dearman 22lb 14oz
16th Dave Edgerton 20lb 7oz
17th Martin Littlefield 14lb 8oz
Next week it is back to Cobbleacre
See you all there!
If anybody is wishing to fish there as there are 3 spaces available, please, feel free to give a text or a call to Mark Harmer ( 07402707505) as Dave will be in hospital from Wednesday this week.

Bartles Lodge – Sunday 16th June 2019

Mike Dossena wins at Bartles lodge with 86lb 8oz
Bartles Lodge

We all travelled to Bartles Lodge
13 members made the long trip all hoping that at last it would be their lucky week.
The weather forecast was for sunshine and the possibility of a heavy shower which, fortunately, we didn’t get.
Everyone was unsure how it would fish because of the heavy rain during the week.
First place goes to Mr Mike Dossena. He was fishing peg 3 and caught 33 carp and a few skimmers for a total weight of 86lb 8oz. Well done Michael!
Second place fishing peg 1 was Mr Mark Harmer who caught 29 carp down his right-hand edge for 68lb 12 oz.
Good job!
Third place goes to Mr Mark Seaman who was fishing peg 12 and caught 25 carp on the feeder to the island down the edge for a total of 68lb 4oz.
It is well done too! ( just one more fish Mark 😉
Overall the fishing wasn’t great for this venue at this time of the year.
1st Mine Dossena 86lb 8oz
2nd Mark Harmer 68lb 12oz
3rd Mark Seaman 68lb 4oz
4th Dave Edgerton 39lb 2oz
5th Alex Watson 35lb 2oz
6th Dave Paynter 32lb
7th Jon Burton 28lb 9oz
8th Dave Agass 26lb 4oz
9th John Higgingson 25lb 12oz
10th Ash Dennington 15lb 9oz
11th Trevor Dodson 14lb 12oz
12th Mark Charlwood 13lb 4oz
13th Martin Littlefield 1lb 2oz
We just like to mention the winner of the Terrapin Cup goes to Trevor Dodson 😃
Next week it’s back to Barford Match Lake
See you all there!
And of course don’t forget to give Dave a call on his New Number 07561 189074 to see if there are any cancellations.

The Old Stables – Sunday the 9th June

Dennis back to winning ways again at Old Stables

14 members turned up meaning it was a full house
The weather was rather nice and sunny with very little wind so we had ideal fishing conditions.
Dennis Willis was once again the winner here at the Stables. He drew peg 4 and caught steadily all the day for 46lb 8oz.
Second place goes to Jon Burton who was fishing peg 10 and weighed 42lb 8oz
And the third was John Hehir with 37lb 12oz which was only 6oz in front of the 4th place from peg 14.
Well done to them three!
Just would like to mention that a half way through the match we had a visit from what we all thought was Usain Bolt as Dave Gipson had to chase the resident duck half way around the lake as it had taken one his top kits 🤣🤣(That lightened the mood for those who were struggling for bites).
1st Dennis Willis 46lb 8oz
2nd Jon Burton 42lb 8oz
3rd John Hehir 37lb 12oz
4th Mark Seaman 37lb 6oz
5th= Dave Agass 24lb 8oz
Trevor Dodson 24lb 8oz
7th= Dave Edgerton 21lb 12oz
Mark Harmer 21lb 12oz
9th Mike Dossena 11lb 9oz
10th John Higgingson 10lb
11th Mark Charlwood 7lb
12th Terry Smith 6lb 14oz
13th Dave Paynter 3lb 15oz
14th Dave Gipson 3lb 8oz
Next week it’s off to the prolific Bartles Lodge
Unfortunately, it is all booked but feel free to give Dave a call to see if there are any cancellations
See you all there as usual

Reepham – Sunday 2nd June 2019

Mark Seaman wins with 126lb 2oz at Reepham

18 members turned up for this week’s match all hoping it was going to be their lucky day
The weather was much warmer this week so we all felt it was going to be a pleasant time fishing until we were told that the fish had started to spawn and we had to fish a meter from the edge
Once again it was Mark Seaman who ran out the winner. He was fishing peg 12 and caught steadily for most of the day and finally weighed 126lb 2oz
Second place fishing peg 10 was Dave Agass who caught fish next to the reeds and weighed 111lb 4oz
Last week’s winner Alex Watson fished peg 34 and weighed 89lb 3oz
Well done to them three!
Most of the others caught a few fish
1st Mark Seaman 126lb 2oz
2nd Dave Agass 111lb 4oz
3rd Alex Watson 89lb 3oz
4th Mark Harmer 88lb 8oz
5th Mark Charlwood 83lb 5oz
6th Trevor Dodson 68lb 10oz
7th Dave Paynter 43lb 9oz
8th Chris Tims 37lb 2oz
9th John Higgingson 35lb 8oz
10th Dave Gipson 30lb 7oz
11th Tony Wilkinson 28lb 15oz
12th Dave Edgerton 28lb 5oz
13th Dennis Willis 27lb 5oz
14th Adie Hall 24lb 3oz
15th Dave Dearman 10lb 8oz
16th Jon Burton 5lb 4oz
17th Martin Littlefield 4lb 7oz
And one D’N’W
Next week’s venue is going to be the Old Stables North Walsham
Unfortunately, it is fully booked but don’t forget to call Dave later during the week to see if there are any cancellations
See you there!!